Friday, June 24, 2005

Going to the Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY

Is their anything more American than a road trip?  More than baseball?  Well, put the two together and you get - my family heading out in the car tomorrow am for a 4-5 hour road trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY!  Wooohooo

This is my ds10 and hubby's dream mini-vacation.  I know I will like it too, but I am also looking forward to the antiquing in the town center just as much!  Dd8 is completely annoyed that this trip has popped up on the family calendar at all!  She is convinced that she will bored to tears the entire time.  Of course, she also felt that way last year when we went to Gettysburg - and she LOVED it!  Ds12 is somewhere in between the his brother's enthusiasm and sister's indifference.  He is not personally into playing baseball, but will watch the Yankees.  He also is interested in baseball cards, but on a purely economic level.  LOL 

After calling the only 3 nationally known hotel chains in the area and being told there were no available rooms, this trip almost didn't happen!  But, my dearest hubby got on the phone and called about 80 Bed & Breakfasts until he found one with a room big enough for a family of 5, was okay with kids, and was only 1/2 a block from the museum and town center!  He truly is a gem!

Coincidentally, locating this particular room had its own kismet.  The owner lived in my home town, on my STREET, until I was 8 years old.  She is a grandma now and I don't remember her, but she remembers our little town here very well.  My family still lives in the same town, 2 blocks from where I lived as a kid.  I am excited to meet this former neighbor of mine from years past.

I will not have computer access, so this will be my last entry until we return!  Pray for me that my RA will behave!

Be well, dear readers!




thebaabee said...

Dawn Dear.........Do have a wonderful time and I will be praying for a safe trip for you guys..... Love bunches LuAnne

sinnermeetevil said...

madmanadhd said...

Hold on.... I feel a prediction coming on..... Oommmm.... *#($**$*# I predict you are all going to have a most excellent time, the accommodations will be spectacular and the air will be chewy but might need a little salt.....Oommmmm

How'd I do? Oh did I mention you will spend a mint shopping and buying all kindsa wonderful memorabilia (that is one strange word to spell!!!).

Sounds like that guy of yours is a real gem... he won't take no for an answer!

Well I'd better strike out into the world and leave my home base for awhile. Hope none of my comments were foul cause I've had a ball!!