Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Latest

So, my dd8 is on antibiotics now.  Hopefully, that will bounce this strep right out of her system and fast.  Poor thing.  She missed her end-of-year party today at school and she missed her friend's pool party this afternoon!  Life is just not fair. 

Don't I know it....lol.  ;-D

The dog is doing much better, and will be rechecked next week.

I am going to start piano lessons next week!  I hope my RA fog-ridden brain will still be able to learn something new!  Pray for me!  I am excited about it...I have always wanted to learn it.  I will never be as fast a learner as my dd8, I am sure, but if I can make my way through a song or two of easy sheet music, I will be happy! 

Be well!

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