Wednesday, June 29, 2005

How I got my screen name

Preview<I borrowed this pic from another journal>

This is the Disney Princess, Aurora, better known as Sleeping Beauty.  She was my favorite princess when I was a kid, and her story was also my favorite.

You can have your poisoned apples and wicked step-sisters - give me the hunky Prince Phillip hacking through briars and killing the dragon to come give the princess a kiss.

My name is Dawn.  The dawn is the morning's first light and Aurora is latin for the same.  So, as a bright little girl, I figured out that her name and mine were the same, which made me identify with her all the more. 

To this day, I love an action-packed movie with some romance thrown in at the end much more than a thoughtful, poignant romance!  Go figure!

I also loved the blue-dressed version of Sleeping Beauty, and powder blue was my favorite color as a child and the color of my room for a long time!  Actually, until I moved out to be married!

Fast forward to needing a new screen name and having my five year old daughter (at the time) help me pick it out.  And there you have it!  I couldn't get it spelled correctly, so I added the extra "s"!

I am also foolishly romantic and believe my hubby to be my knight in shining armor, my prince!  I gave him a miniature knight, made of pewter one year as an anniversary present to punctuate that point.

I also met my dear hubby on my beloved Grandma Gertrude's birthday.  She was still alive then, but I believe it did happen for a reason.  I feel she brought him to me, for he is exactly what she and I wished for with all our hearts. 

A man who would putme first, love me fiercely and with abandon, a man who would be a best friend and fabulous father and family man. A prince for a princess.  He is all those things and more. 

Yeah, yeah, I know I dissed him on here in a post a while back, but hey, I am the princess and I am not perfect either!!! 

Day to day life tends to be less than royal.

Now, I have the challenging job of raising two boys to be wonderful princes to the woman of their life!  Thankfully, they are so wonderful already it should be easy!

So, every time I log on I am reminded of my daughter, my boys, my prince of a hubby, my grandma, and my childhood dreams.

Be well,




butterflygherl said...

That is wonderful!! (((((((((Dawn)))))))) I love Sleeping Beuaty also. I'm so happy you got your prince!

I have not been getting alerts for your journal lately. That's why I haven't been commenting. I didn't realize you'd updated. I'm so sorry.


cherry2sweet2eat said...

theres always history behind someones screenname

madmanadhd said...

Well now that explains it... I was wondering about your screen name since Sleeping Beauty was the first Disney Video we purchased for the kids. Some think it one of the most frightening of the "princess" fairytales done by Disney but I LOVE the whole dragon thing, the prince cutting through a wall of thorns. Plus who couldn't love those ditzy, powerful, kindly fairy godmothers? They must be represented by Gertrude in your life I think.

Wonderful, touching story behind your screen name. How refreshing to read about two people so in love.

cneinhorn said...

what a great story!  :-)


butterflies4me04 said...

How cute! My friend's daughter loves princess aurora! She had her b-day party last year in the disney princess' .. just so she could have princess aurora!


courtenaymphelan said...

Dawn,what a wonderful entry...It means a lot to know the inner workings of another's mind. Thanks for sharing this and you are blessed to have your sure to allow us to hear your voice for the AnniVoicery Sunday

klconard1 said...

I enjoyed this entry tremendously dear!  Thanks for sharing with carnivAOL; otherwise I might not have found this one!
I bet you like my favorite movie -- the Princess Bride!  It has everything!
loving you

jmorancoyle said...

    Very sweet.

fisherkristina said...

Every time I saw your screen name I wondered where it came from, lol.  Now I know!