Monday, June 20, 2005

Summary of the last few hectic days

Here is my last few days in a nutshell!!!!  :-D   Friday am started with my infusion, which went well and was uneventful.  We had a bit of traffic on the way home as it is Friday in the summer and lots of people leave work in NYC early to hit the shores. I was napping by 1:45pm to get ready for the Parents vs. Scouts Kickball Game.   So, at 5:45 pm, off we went...I got to first on my first at bat.  A dad went next and I was off like a shot with him on my heels!  As I rounded 2nd and headed for third I found a divet in the clay and my left (weak) ankle started to turn, I kept it from turning over but lost my balance and took a very comical header into the dirt.  Flat I meant to try to slide into third base...but not so graceful.  I began to laugh, and rolled onto my back...  ds10, the 3rd baseman, had the most panicked and horrified look on his face that I began to laugh harder.  Then hubby and 3 other dad's faces were looking at me also quite horrified and I was laughing so hard I couldn't get myself up.  LOL   I stayed in the game, took my base at 3rd.  Was brought in by the next batter and I am happy to say - the rest of my game was injury free.  The result?  A patch of skinned shin starting just below my knee, about 7 inches by 5!  And I got to RE-learn how much a skinned knee hurts!!  Yooooucccch!  

Saturday am I slept late...needed to after the infusion and the kickball game!  Hubby had an MRI of his shoulder, my dad took him.  Then some shopping in the afternoon.   At 5:15 we were off to the minor league ballpark to the NJ Jackals for Scout Night!  Hubby and ds10 were sleeping overnight, on the ball field in tents, and the other 2 and I were just going for the game.  It was very inexpensive, something you cannot say about going to a Met or Yankee game.  It was just $15 for us not sleeping over, and $20 for them.  It included a hotdog, soda and chips.  We got a free frisbee giveaway and a Jackals patch.  We got 10% off at the shops.  The other food was reasonable also.  The game was long and s-l-o-w.  Then it was tied, 2-2.  Then 3-3. And overtime for 2 innings.  But the kids had a blast with their friends.  We didn't leave until 11:30pm though...a very long night.   And then, dd8 who got "stuffy" as the evening progressed, had a tough night, and ended up in bed with me and I could not sleep very well listening to her "snarfling" as I like to call it.   

Hubby and ds10 walked in at 8am.  They hadn't gotten to sleep until 2am, and were up at 6am, so they laid down and slept and we post-poned our Father's Day celebration a bit.  Then we all (including my dad and mom) went to eat a late breakfast at noon and then went to see The Batman.  The movie was great!  After a brief stop back home we went out to dinner at Applebee's.  I don't know if you have these where you are, but they are a chain and are pretty darn good.  It was my dad's pick.   

DD8 is not good.  I kept her home from school today hoping to see her cold improve.  She fell asleep at 7:30 but awoke at 10pm crying that her throat hurts now too.  Tomorrow, we go to the pediatrician (I called at 10pm) at 10:30.    It is her last day of school and she was quite peeved that she now is going to miss it.  We will go and give good wishes to the teachers and give gifts and stuff, but she will miss her party and the pool party of her best friend, too.  Yup, very ticked off she is, but she fell back to sleep at 10:45pm anyhow.  That is where it stands now, I am fighting off the cold (of course) and I will call my rheumy tomorrow for a z-pak.  UGH.   It never ends...thank goodness!  Just hope the Lord gives me some strength!!!

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