Friday, June 24, 2005

One word

This is for Luanne! 

Please leave a one word comment that you think best describes me.  It can only be one word.  No more.

Then copy and paste this into your journal so that I may leave a word about you...    (Stolen from  Christina's journal my journey with Multiple Sclerosis and Luanne's Living with Lupus)


thebaabee said...

Love bunches LuAnne

madmanadhd said...

Hey I must preface this by saying that I'm just getting to know you. However I've had some experience with severe asthma (ME), Asperger's Syndrome (2 preschool students and the child of a former college student) and my dad had Rhematoid Arthritis..

Therefore my word for you is INCREDABLE!...or would that be COURAGEOUS… or perhaps OPTOMISTIC… geeze this IZ really … weally HARD! Well any or all of those 3 words will be a good start.

And your one word for moi? Or is that moa?... or maybe Moah? Aww skip the French… ME.

butterflygherl said...

Warm. " )