Thursday, June 16, 2005

Upcoming Busy Agenda

Boy oh boy, do I have a busy day starting tomorrow!  And yes, I do realize that I am up at 2:15 am...can't sleep, back hurts...yada yada.

Tomorrow, after getting the kids to school, hubby and I head straight to NYC for my Remicade infusion.  Then, skipping our regular lunch routine, I will probably nap and then after eating a quick dinner at 6pm begins the Parents vs Scouts Annual Kickball Game!  I have promised ds10 that I WILL play and I will!  I will pay for it...but that is another story - lol.

Then Saturday am hubby will have an MRI on his injured shoulder.  I will sleep in and my dad will go with him.  6pm we leave as a family to go to a minor leaque baseball game which afterward there is a special scout sleep-over for hubby and ds10 only.

Sunday am after said hubby and ds10 come back home we will go out for a family Father's Day Breakfast with grandma and grandpa as well.  Then possibly off to see The Batman.  The boys have decided that this is appropriate movie fare for dad's and they are right, hubby loooooves Batman and can't wait to see it!  lol

Then, my dad wants to go out to dinner too. 

That will end the busy weekend.  Monday is the kids last full day at school - I think I will be sleeping all day!  HA ha ha.

Hope this finds everyone who reads it appreciating life!

Be well!



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