Thursday, June 23, 2005

To medicate or not

It's a good question, isn't it?

I believe that if a medicine can help you improve your quality of life and the side-effects are manageable once you begin it, then you should go for it!

There are many people with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and Lupus who try to go natural, only to have disasterous results in the end.  Then there are some who claim success, rather, I claim they were lucky and had the spontaneous remitting kind that we all (who don't) dream about.

Meds are also a big issue with kids and I hold to the same theory. 

Personally, here is my experience without and then with meds for my disease.  Then I will share my experience with my sons as well.

I was a mess.  In terrible pain, plaqued with horrific fatigue.  I was essentially bed-ridden and ABSOLUTELY house bound.  I was missing out on everything with my kids, with my family, with life.  Finally, the correct diagnosis and correct docs brought me to the correct medicines.  It has not been a straight line.  I have taken some that I had to quit either for no effect or side effects that were not good. (ie; liver enzymes up)  However, from the day of starting the meds I have always been BETTER than the place I was before. 

And BETTER is good.  No, I won't be cured, I won't ever be perfectly pain free, but that is okay.  I have my life back.  I function and have fun and LIVE again!

Now, for the kids.  Ds12 with Asperger's takes an SSRI.  Without it, he can't stand clothes, socks or shoes.  He can't tolerate hardly any noise, light or touch not initiated by him.  Is this the way you would want your child to live?  The ssri does not completely eliminate his sensitivities but it does stop the assualt on his senses enough for him to cope and enjoy life without having to fight them all the time.  Heaven for all of us.

Ds10, has asthma, funny how no one questions his meds for his quality of life, yet will question them for ds12.  Ds10 needs his to function well too.  And he does.  It isn't perfect all the time, but better.

None of us will be cured, but our meds help us to live and to cope and manage our lives in much better ways than we could without.  Thank God for the discoveries of science and the medical communities.  For who else, put the brilliant minds here to figure this all out???

Thank GOD.

Be well!


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thebaabee said...

You are so right about meds.  My son too ritilan when he was younger.  Everyone had something to say about this.  My daughter was always on antibiotics (like monthly) but no one said a thing.  Meds for certain things make people uncomfortable.

I am still trying to get my meds right.  My fatigue level is unbelieveable.  Love bunches LuAnne