Friday, July 1, 2005

Weekend Assignment #66 - Holiday Haiku

Weekend Assignment #66: July 4 Haiku! A 17-syllable holiday poem, please!

Fireworks in the sky

Loudly flashing up above,

Kissing with my love.


Time passes quickly

children running 'round our feet,

laughter our life's beat.


July 4th cook outs

kids challenging baseball fun,

Have the parents won?


We are so lucky

Hearts bursting, a girl, two boys,

Unimagined, joys.


Well, there ya go John!  Four haikus as a little story, I hope you enjoy.


Be well




madmanadhd said...

Quite the talented wonam there. I struggle for two hours to write ONE and you pop off four! And then string them together to make a story! You should read Karen's entry, she did a similar thing.

My one little first attempt is available at my place for your purusal.

sinnermeetevil said...

very nice

plittle said...

Nicely done. I like them.

sbrlzc said...

Wow! I used to write poetry, beautiful poetry. Then the brain fog took over and I'm doing good to put standard sentences together.


pixiedustnme said...

alrighty - what is up with all you ubber poets showing the rest of us up?  lol