Friday, July 22, 2005

Infusion, Sugar and Me!

My Remicade infusion went well.  For those who have asked, an infusion is when the medicine is given to you intravenously, in an IV bag.  I go every 4 weeks, sometimes I have to wait to the 5th week because of scheduling.

No problems getting my blood or getting the IV in which is always nice!  :-D

I had my rheumatologist appointment afterward and my lab work was already done!  My sugar was only 87!  YAY!

Here is the funny thing, my MD forgot she even yelled at me!  @@ But, she is happy she did and that I am watching my sugars and carbs and that I am losing weight. 

My liver enzymes were good and my white blood cells, too.  So, all in all, I am apparently perfect!  ha-ha!  I am very happy though, and aside from some normal aches and pains with the RA, I haven't flared in a while so this is good.

I am going to try to lower my Methotrexate dosage a bit over the next two months.  I will see my doc again in the end of September.

The big news from yesterday is that there were more bombs in London!  My heart goes out to all those injured and to all Londoners.  This is not easy to deal with.  It also scares the heck out of me that some psycho is going to start doing this over here in NYC.

Well, that is my quick update for this morning...  I will have another entry later, I think!  I tried to put this on last nite but AOL was acting kooky!

Be well,




sdoscher458 said...

Hello again..I'm so glad that everything is going well with the treatments.  Thanks for your kind inquiry on my journal...I've just been bit "off" as far as writing I keep remembering what my Grandma used to say.."My get up and go got up and went!" I used to laugh so when she said that.....Sandi

jckfrstross said...

  So glad everything went well! Will add you to our prayer list if thats ok? :)

sbrlzc said...

Whahoo! Glad the doctor went well. I am so far behind in journal alerts. Oh my...


fisherkristina said...

Glad your appointment went well and you haven't had a flare up in awhile!  
I must be out of it or something, I did not hear about the bombs in London.  Oh my, I better go turn on the television.
By the way, I am adding you to my alerts.


thebaabee said...

I am so happy you had a great appointment with your rheumi.  It's so wonderful when things go perfectly.  You are perfect my dear!!  I get a great feeling from y our entries.  They alway lift me up.
Love bunches LuAnne

lrttklly said...

Yeah! Dawn!!
I am so happy that your lab work is "normal".
That is an odd word when you are talking about autoimmune!
My heart is with the Londoners too.
A beautiful city with so many friendly people, very disturbing.