Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Did you all miss me?

Did you miss me?

I missed all of you!

Friday night was supposed to be the really fun Harry Potter party, right?  Wrong.  Murphy's Law latched onto us...the location that we were going to go to cancelled on Friday morning due to some stupid town ordinance.

So here we are with the kids all ready to party and find out we can't get the book until 7am Saturday morning.

The worst part for me was that I drank a ton of caffeined ice tea at dinner and was now totally cranked up!!!  I finally fell asleep somewhere around 3am and got up at 6:30am.

Only one child would come with me, Fuzzy, or ds10.  His family nickname is Fuzzy because he likes to have his head buzzed.

We got the book.  I began to read immediately although I should have went to bed since we had my cousin coming, her grandmother (other side), her hubby, 2 kids and her third newborn baby girl all coming for lunch and a visit at 1pm.

YIKES!  Then my hubby wanted to go out for dinner since we only did cold cuts and veggies and fruit for lunch.  After a nice dinner, I came home and finished Harry Potter, shortly after ds12. 

Harry Potter did not disappoint!  It was amazing.  Full of surprises and twists and I cannot wait to read the next!!  LOL

Sunday, I slept late and then we went to the Cub Scout/Weebelo Family Picnic!  It was nice but it was so very hot and humid.  They hold a rain gutter regatta and my ds10 came in third and got a medal.  He was thrilled.

They had a sack race, a 3-legged race, a sponge relay, watermelon spitting and a water balloon toss just to mention a few of the fun activities.  There was food and snacks too.

I collapsed somewhere around 7pm because I was just so tired.

Yesterday, we went to my best friend's house about 40 minutes away to swim in the pool and visit with her 2 year old son, my godson.  It was really fun but also tiring.  The heat was really something.

Last night I started through the 120 emails I had and today I am trying to catch up on journals!  You missed me - I know you did! 

Sorry this is so boring and mundane...just wanted to get it out!

Be well,



jckfrstross said...

Love reading your journal thanks for sharing your life

Deb Ross

yankeygr said...

I also love reading your journals. But I'm fairly new to your journal and I just have to ask a question. What do you mean by ds10 and ds12 ? I'm pretty sure that you are referring to your children but I'm confussed. Can you enlighten me? Thanks so much, Rhonda