Monday, July 18, 2005

A shout out to CarnivAOL

This is a shout out about CarnivAOL. 

What is this you ask? 

It is a chance to showcase one of your journal entries that you think you want a lot more people to read.  Whether you think it is funny, important information, or really great writing, you can have it showcased here!

Click this link to learn more: CarnivAOL 

And, oh yeah, the first link that you will find to a really great entry is one of mine!  LOL  But not just me, lots of my friends are there from journal land and lots of great new friends, too!

I do hope you like it!

Paul who is running CarnivAOL will be asking for more submissions starting on 7/26 for a new issue of the CarnivAOL to be released on 8/2.

To get a submission to Paul email him a link from your journal to

Be well,



1 comment:

klconard1 said...

Interesting entry dear.  I have sent him a link to one of my early ones.  Thanks for the info!
loving you