Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My hubby is back to (relative) normal!

Remember how I wrote about my "over-stressed" hubby?

Believe me, he has plenty to be stressed about, a strike at work, labor negotiations to end it, not enough workers, upset customers, and he is in the middle of it.

After a bit more than three weeks of him being quite beastly at home, the kids and I are just done with it.  Avoidance has been our new plan for survival.  That and praying for a timely end!

Well, hubby has finally decided to "Snap out of it"! 

At first I was not sure what exactly worked, the kids ignoring him, me ignoring him, my mother telling him that he has been nasty lately and needed to get over it, or maybe the fact that he hadn't gotten lucky in as many weeks as his bad mood finally registered.

Yeah, that's the one!

How do I know this, you ask?  Wouldn't the shunning of his own children upset this usually wonderful dad into getting over his work related stress? 

NO.  It was the lack of nookie.  I know it for a fact.

Here is how. 

Yesterday, he started to be nice.  Real nice.

As a matter of fact, he just couldn't offer to do enough for me!  That is the first hint.

Then, as he was changing into shorts and a tee shirt to take ds10 to flag football, he stroked his bare chest and asked me, "Could you handle some of this?" with a goofy smile!  All you gals, you know the smile I mean.

I "humphed" and left the room. 

He then followed me and asked how I was feeling and could I use a "massage" later.  Quotes are there for a reason - no "massage" is just that in this house.

I looked him dead in the eye and told him just because he finally decided to join the human race again today did not mean that I was so overjoyed by it that I had forgotten his three weeks of rotten, self-centered, overblown behavior which I know was his big hope.

Sheepish grin followed, and he stragically retreated.

A few hours later, as I went to join ds10 who had lumbered into our bed after a bathroom trip, hubby invited me to meet him in the spare bedroom any time during the night if I got "too cold or lonely".  I replied that how could I be either of those since I had ds10 with me, turned on my heel and left.

Hubby is wearing me down though.  He is still being very nice.  He apologized today for his awful behavior during the last few weeks, which definitely earned him some points.

And, he has stepped up his campaign to bed me as well.

Some of you have kids and maybe have heard of Crash Bandicoot, a cartoon bandicoot that races cars?

I am sure no one has my version, though.

Hubby just jumped out naked from behind a towel and yelled, "Hey, look at me, I am Flash Bandicoot!"


Yup, he is wearing me down.  ;-D

Be well,




sdoscher458 said...

Oh! the varying shades of married life! Please remember that the male of the species is definitely not the "stronger" in certain things.  Thanks for visiting my journal. appreciate your comment..no I didn't win but there are so many extraordinary writers that try each month and they can choose only one.  I love to write stories....I like the way you write too I'm going to add you to my alerts....Sandi  

cyndygee said...

Well, you've made him wait a few days, but how long was he mean to the entire family . . .  3 weeks?  So take 3 weeks x's 4 people = 12 weeks  . . .  

forget that equation.  YOU won't last THAT long!  LOL!

I'm just happy to hear that he's quit being a bear and has rejoined the family!


hadonfield78 said...

Ladies.... Ladies...... Ladies
You are learning an ancent Chinese secret...........................
Withdrawl creates the biggest mood changes in a man..........................

mamamiah41 said...

OH Lord, Men are somethin' aren't they?  Ya know it has been my experience that Hubster Darling has PMS more than I do.  Way to klunk him over the head with the nookie pan!  Blessings! Maria

plittle said...

Hmmm. Funny? Maybe. Hits too close to home? Maybe.

klconard1 said...

ROTFLMHO!  I have been married over 37 years.  This is such a familiar dance lol!  Husbands -- ya gotta love 'em.  Even the good guys get grouchy for awhile when life it tough.  It's good for them to have a reminder that honey catches more flies that vinegar lol!
loving you