Monday, July 11, 2005

Blood sugar and Blockhead Hubby

My blood sugar, must be down.  I have been really good, eliminating the sweets and white breads, and staying low carb over all.

I think it is working because I put on a pair of capri pants today that are loose!  I am excited about that.  I do not own a scale because they are possessed by the devil (joke), but will be weighed at the rheumatologist on my visit next week, whether I want to or not.  LOL

Anyhow, it has not been easy.  In fact, it sucks, but I am really determined to do it.

So, my dear hubby goes to the drug store on Thursday night with dd8.  I can't remember why, but he came home with snacks.

Ok fine, I can dig that.

He buys something especially for me and presents it to me much like our cat presenting her freshly killed mouse. 

"Here!  I got these for you.  I know you like them."

I, much like the same reaction to the mouse with entrails exposed, plaster a smile on my face and say, "Thanks".  Then take said "treat" and put it away in the snack closet after he leaves the room to preen himself some more.

The "treat" you ask?  An entire box of After Eight Mints.

Yes, I like them.  How sweet of him to remember, right?


I wanted to scream but didn't.  In fact, I said nothing until last night.  Amazing restraint, I might add, but I will get to that later.

I mean, does he not remember the letter from my rheumatologist a week before about sugar?  Ok, maybe he forgot about that, but how could he forget the fact that at dinner I was discussing the different choices I was making since I was watching my sugar!  I mean, it was a whole conversation, with him andmy parents.  Even about the choices at dinner, so that was not it.

Work has been bad for him lately and he has been a beast.  He thinks he handles his stress, but he doesn't - it handles him. 

In fact, dd8 informed him on Friday that she hadn't seen him smiling lately and she was not happy about that.  He thought she was insane and looked at me to correct her, I just "harumphed" and turned back to the Yankee game. 

Again, displaying amazing restraint, I think.  I gave the kids some of the After Eight mints during the game.

I had decided that Saturday was going to be my cheat day and I had dessert while we were out to dinner.  We were at the Macaroni Grill. To offset the cheating I had eggplant parmesan to avoid pasta.  See, restraint.

At home, while watching tv, the kids polished off most of the After Eight mints and then I had a few.  (ok, not so restrained, but it was my cheat day and the bloodwork is a week off)

Last night, I informed hubby that buying someone (read: wife) candy when they are trying to watch their sugar is really not the best thing to do.  It would have shown more support and less stupidity to have bought something sugar-free. 

I barely got a response.  I know I have his over-stressed state to thank for that. 

I think I am still showing amazing restraint because all the while I want to scream at him to snap out of his annoying "poor me" funk and scream how stupid and insensitive it was to buy me candy.  And, hittting him with a 2x4 to punctuate my comments has also crossed my mind, but I have not screamed nor hit him with the wood. 


How long can this new found restraint last?  I really don't know...but I am really trying!!!

Be well,


ps...this was written to let off some steam, and get you all to chuckle along with me at the irony of life.  

 thanks. ;-D



sbrlzc said...

My DH is the same way at times. I try very hard to watch how much candy I eat. He knows that I LOVE chocolate, even though I try not to eat it much, and every once in awhile he'll come in with a bag of something chocolate and not realize why I'm not overjoyed at his offering. I'll never get it.

Keep up the awesome work! I wore jeans over the weekend that I have not been able to button comfortably since January. I'm happy about that.


hadonfield78 said...

I have to admit that I used to do the same thing to my wife when she was on the Atkins diet. I didnt do it to be mean or to be sarcastic.
Mostly it was because I forgot she was on a diet.
How could I forget that ??
Because to me she looked fine. I didnt she her, the way she saw herself.
But eventually I learned to be more supportive and work with her. But I still explained to her that I was doing it for her. because she looked great to me, no matter how much she weighed.

glendar0812 said...

You poor dear!  I think your husband wants to sabotage your diet of sorts without realizing it because well ... the idea of you losing weight probably threatens his already low self esteem.  Men don't always know they are doing this or that they are depressed and the worst part is trying to convince them they need some help is like trying to make a lead balloon fly.

sounds to me like you have your hands full with all the family issues yourself and he is trying to cop out of the burden because he doesn't know how to fix it.  Men like to fix, provide and protect and if they can't do that stuff they get all stressed out.

i understand where he might want things to stay the same but really he does want change ... obviously you know that already.  I wish I had some great advice as to how to get him out of his 'funk' but unfortunately I don't.  If I did I wouldn't get into them myself.

unfortunately some of us are more prone to get depressed than others.  Try getting him to go for an evening walk together and see if maybe kindness doens't evenutally come forth through excercise and chatting.

why did you two fall in love?  Remind him.  that's all I can offer, I sure hope you two find some joy and peace in each other again soon.

lrttklly said...

Gifts like that really prey on your good manners. You don't want to sound ungrateful, but... gee whiz... you have to watch your sugar.
Been going through the same overstressed Hubby spell too. Must be the season for it.
I asked for a small package of M&M's... I got a huge gallon of wickedly chocolate & caramel ice cream.
He meant well, but was not listening.
Good luck to the both of you... I hope the stress ends soon for him so thqat you both can get some balance back into your lives.

thebaabee said...

Gary is like that too.  He comes home from work with 2 GIANT Hershey Bars.  Yes, they are my favorite but doesn't he see that I am fat.  His answer to this is that he still see the young, sexy girl he married.  A sweet answer but still a stupid choice brining hom chocolate.  Then just when I thought there was no hope left for him, today he brings home flowers.  Go figure.  Hugs LuAnne

my78novata said...

AH men how sweet and stupid can they Be????????? Im glad you kept on trying and showed some retraint. We homeschooled too and love camping and animals and tinker with our cars alot (hubby is a body man ) Sunny sent me your way. Yeah some days I really need to seize the day.

cneinhorn said...

congrats on the lower blood suger. good for you


reinerjo said...

I really enjoyed your journal entry.  I have Fibromyalgia and Lupus.  I also have an 8 year old son with Aspergers.  I have a daughter that is 13 going on 20! Thanks for the chuckle, I was having a bad day. Jo

sinnermeetevil said...

you are strong. you didn't give in to temptation. i am so proud of you!