Saturday, July 2, 2005

Crazy Busy!


I am so busy, busy!  My cousin's son, my nephew (as I refer to him) has been visiting since Thursday evening!  He will go home tomorrow.  An extra kid definitely amplifies the noise!

Tonite we are having our First Annual Twilight Tiki Buffet!  We have 8 adults and 10 kids should be fun!  My hubby and I bought lots of colorful decorations and margarita glasses and plates and bowls!  We also got one of those metal fire pits and we are going to do marshmellows later tonite!  The men and kids are going to have a big wiffle ball game, too.

We ordered in all the food, so no work for hubby or me!  I don't know if all of you have heard of Hooter's, but they have fabulous buffalo wings, so we are getting 2 big trays of wings.  Also a big tray of cut up italian hero and a salad.  Oh yeah, and we are going to order 2 pizzas for the kids too.

I also bought fruit salad and veggies with dip to put out, and I bought the kind already cut up so I won't aggravate my RA in my hands at all.

Short cuts like that can make all the difference sometimes!  There have been many parties and occasions that I have put so much into the prep work that I did not enjoy them really.

This one I will have fun! 

Gotta go...we are all busy getting ready!  ;-D

Be well, Dawn


thebaabee said...

Have a blast.... LuAnne

madmanadhd said...

Yeeeehawwwwww! A wiffleball game! My dad, sis, and I used to play that often in our backyard. Forgot how much I loved those games. Always felt so good when I'd SMACK one over the fence.

Hooters eh? Inviting any of the ... uh girls over to serve up the food. *SIGH* Gawd I am soooooo juvenile sometimes! Man it had been years since I heard anyone refer to a sandwhich as a "hero" brings me back to my East Coast days.
A most excellent idea to get the vegis all cut up and ready to do. A MUST for your RA. Doesn't sound like there will be much sugar there to temp you? (Shhhhh is a holiday celebration! Party pooper!)

I just know that you and ALL your guests are going to have a blast and a half! Aloha! So who's got the digital so you can share pics with your loyal readers?


sbrlzc said...

Whahoo~ I'll be right over!


lurkynat said...

Wow Princess! Sounds enchanting!n