Tuesday, July 5, 2005

The Tiki Party and other goings on


I am so very sorry that I have been gone for so long!

Thanks for all the positive comments on my haiku!  First time for everything, as they say!

The Twilight Tiki Buffet was a blast!  Everyone loved the wings, the salad, the shrimp cocktail, the heroes etc.  The kids made the Smore's over the fire pit at about 11pm.  It was fun!  The kids played, the adults yakked and drank!  lol  The wiffle ball game was fun too!  The kids lost to the dads 5-3!  Very close!  We even had some fireworks!  The party finally broke up at about 12:30am.  All our friends have since said that it was so much fun they can't wait to do it again! 

Maybe we will do a Pre-School Twilight Buffet on Labor Day Weekend...we will see!

Sunday my cousin came up to visit for the afternoon before taking her son home.  She came with her other son who is 8 years old, so the five kids ran around and played all day and then we all had a nice barbecue dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers before they headed out!  My nephew had a great visit over the weekend and wants to do it again!  I think I will wait a while on that one, though.  lol

My hubby was great and took care of all the clean-up on Sunday while I visited with my cousin and dealt with the kids.  I was tired from the late night and probably a bit too much Margarita.  I was naughty and drank.  Not good for my blood sugar, I know, but I didn't eat dessert.  In my mind it was a fair trade!

Yesterday, the 4th, was parade time!  The morning came early for everyone but we all shuffled out to the parade on time!  Ds10 and hubby walked with the Cub Scouts and dd8 walked with her grandpa with the school float.  They were celebrating 50 years this year.  After the parade we went to the firehouse for a sprinkler wet down for the kids and free hot dogs and beer and soda.  I ran into lots of friends and lots of old friends and neighbors I had not seen in a while which was very nice!

So that was that...




sbrlzc said...

Whahoo! Sounds like things went wonderfully. I'm so glad that you had a good time. (And the lupus behaved enough to let you do it.)

*off to read the RA entry*

madmanadhd said...

What a blst and a half for all. Better watch out this Tiki Party could become a tradition. All this talk of food is making me hungry. The parade sounds similar to ours, will write about that tomorrow.

We would have been a little cold for the sprinkler thing yeaterday as it clouded over and became rather chilly.
And you even fit in a barbeque with the cousins. Sounds like you have your hubby trained in too. My wife's still working on me.... geeze I hate that whip...sometimes.

edandmariann said...

I think I could drive all the way from NC just to go to one of your parties.  Boy Dawn, That sounded so great!  The Tiki Party.  All of it.  Even just watching the dads play the kids must have been awesome.  I dont know how you ever did it, You have to tell me your secrets.  lol  I always wanted to have one with a Hawaiian theme, but until my health improves, it is a no go.  I am working on giving my whole back yard some kind of Polynessian decore all over(at a very slow pace).  I have it kinda bare right now just waiting on the decore, including the grass hut bar/grill!-Eds job!  I think growing the real palm tree(s) will be the hardest part.  The totem pole and hammock are coming next since they are easy.  Once it is even half finished, I want to just make some hawaiian chicken (cheaper), buy a bunch of leis, and make dreams come true!  I definately want a very large fire pit.  Oh Yeah!  I see pigs in my future!  lol We already have some Tiki torches the burn the citronella!  We have our huge screened in back porch finished.  Tge lawn furniture will have to be replaved already as our dog ate them.  He is older now, and I think he wants to keep his good home, so I will try one more time! lol  
Love you,