Thursday, July 14, 2005

"And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain..."

Hello again!

My time as AOL Journal Guest Editor is coming to a close, sometime tomorrow.

And so as I make my final bow...

I am hopeful.

I hope you all will keep coming back to visit my journal again and again.

I hope that I touched the life of at least one person also suffering with a chronic disease.

I hope that I have helped as many "healthy" people as possible understand a little bit better what it is like coping with a chronic disease.

I hope that the next time you see an apparently healthy looking middle aged woman park in a handicapped parking space you don't scoff and think "but she doesn't look sick" because she might be me or one of my RA or Lupie buddies, and she may be very "sick".

I hope when you see me and I am looking good you don't think I am cured, or exaggerating most of the time, but realize I probably rested up a lot, or I am having a wonderful, blessed day without many or any symptoms.

I hope that you appreciate your good health, and that you don't have to take many pills and a hospital infusion once a month, like me, just to somewhere near "normal".

I hope you appreciate your "Spoons", and don't take them for granted.  Mine are very precious and I cherish each one.

Most I spend on my family, since they are the heartbeat of my life, my purpose, my catalysts for being.

Click here to understand "Spoons"

I hope you know that I use some of my "Spoons" to reach out to you in my journal and appreciate that, too.

Come back often and soon.




yankeygr said...

Hi Dawn. You did a great job of informing all of us as to what its like to live with a chronic disease! My heart truely goes out to you and all people who have to deal with such horrible pain and suffering! Its really not fair!
You also did a great job at being AOL Journal Guest Editor.
Thank you so much. Rhonda

buckeyebabee71 said...

just wanted u to know that since i started my journal about a week ago and had the pleasure of chattin with u that u have touched me and i think u r an amazing woman.  keep up the good work and hang in there.

foxygreeneyedldy said...

Not only did you help this RA sufferer, but many more.  The outreach of warm wishes and blessings, along with helpful tips & advice from others with chronic pain illness, have been overwhelming this week.  (If you don't believe me, check out my hit counter on my journal.. it was at 67 Sunday night.. last time I looked it was over 800!)  Thank you so much for picking me as one of your editors' picks, it's been a wonderful experience!

And also, I'm so glad you did because I got to "meet" so many other amazing people with RA & Lupus, such as Marianne, Penny, & Miss one*hip*mama.  I'm really proud to be on a list with such courageous & inspiring people!

AOL really did good on this one - picking you as Guest Editor!

Thank you again for everything!

hadonfield78 said...

I think that you acomplished alot as guest editor. You gave us all a better understanding of it. Thank you.
I have always felt that knowledge is power. Knowledge helps us to see the world and people in a better light.

ladygchatterly said...

Dawn, Thank you for getting our plight out to some that may have never heard of our diseases.  Lupus, RA, CFS, Fibrmyalgia, I could keep going.  They are the silent deadly ones.  I hope a lot of non-lupies have learned a great deal from your journal.  Congrats again on the honor.  See ya on the board.  LadyG

klconard1 said...

Dawn dear, I was surprised at the extra traffic on my BLOG and I am certain it is due to you adding my journal to your picks.  It is evident you reached many people!  hopefully they are all more informed now.  I know I am.
Thank you so much!  You did your guest editorship very well dear!
loving you

sbrlzc said...

Ya know, DH told me that he never appreciated what it was like to be healthy until he met me.


madmanadhd said...

Nota doubt in my book that you HAVE touched many and WILL continue to my dear. Hope you have a whopping string of good days that makes everyone wonder why such a spry and healthy looking lass even has a handicapped sticker.