Thursday, July 14, 2005

Weekend Assignment #68

Weekend Assignment #68: Take a moment to appreciate something French. Tell us about that French thing you most appreciate.

 Ca'cre blu!  Scalzi stole my first thought, the Statue of Liberty!

C'est bon - I have many more! 

My hearts biggest desire, a completely selfish one, is to travel to Paris to visit the Louvre.  I want to see the Mona Lisa.  I want to see many of the Great Masters art that they have showcased in that Renaissance palace.

I would love to say I want to see it "all", which I do, but I understand that would take many visits.

I also loooove French, the language.  It is quite beautiful sounding.  And even saying "up yours" has a lovely ring to will have to trust me on that!  LOL

Be well,




cherry2sweet2eat said...

lmao i've never ran into any french cuss words or people i agree i want to go to paris a nice getaway and learn more.

hadonfield78 said...

I agree. French paintings and art work is so beautiful.
And the language is magnifico !!!!!!!!!!!
WHY ??
Cause it is the lanquage of LOVE.
And how can you go wrong with that ??

paisleyskys said...

That was a great surprise!
Up yours in!
Absolutely the French are known for love...arts.
good entry!

dragonrose637 said...

lol. I think that a guy from France could definately cuss some woman out in French and she'd think he was seducing

madmanadhd said...

Hey you mum is French... about 4 generations back...  and I learnt a few cuss words from her that got me slappt round good when repeating them to relatives. May sound beatiful but to a French person F'You is still not nice.

Went to France once, saw the Louvre... oh give me a month there... Napoleon's Tomb, Arch D Triumph, then a train trip south to Caines and Marsailles. Gotta go back some day.

Still playing ketchup so don't plan on seeing me round much...*SIGH*