Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A little Latin for Dennis Menaces

Dennis is here...menacing my joints.  Well, he wasn't unexpected and the kids let me sleep in later than usual, to almost 10:30am, which was very nice.

I thought I would share the poem from Latin that Carpe Diem, Sieze the Day - is taken from.

By Odes, Book I, Ode II, lines 6-8

Be wise, strain your wine, and in this brief space

Cut back long hopes.

Even as we speak, envious time flees:

Seize the day, trust little in tomorrow.

It is so beautiful and so true. 

Time does flee, and way too fast. 

My cousin just had her third baby on July 3rd.  Mom and baby are doing well, and I get to see her and her sweet newborn baby girl on this coming Saturday.  I can't wait to hold the baby.

Thinking about that has brought back memories of my three angels when they were newborn babes.  I can't believe the time of babies is over for me.

I really cannot believe that my oldest is going to be 13 next month!  A teenager!!  Am I ready to be a mom to a teenager?  Well, it's coming so, tough crap, I had better be ready! 

Our situation is unique, though.  Since ds12 is homeschooled and has Asperger's, our intro into the teen years will be gentle. 

Ds10 will be the one that will bring us screaming to our knees as a teen, I am sure.  Interestingly enough, he was the sweetest baby with the easiest disposition.  The ideal Gerber baby!  He slept well, and never cried or fussed! 

My eldest was very good, never cried - but never slept either.  My youngest, the girl, had colic for 10 weeks.  Those days are a blur with her!

Time has gone too fast and I know, it waits for no one.  So, I am trying to embrace, no, seize each day, each new turning point.

I think all this rain has made me mushy and sentimental today!

Be well, Dawn

PS... I took the picture of the seagull in the "All about me" section when we were in St. Thomas, USVI.


shelt28 said...

Cool Picture!!


buckeyebabee71 said...

my oldest was a good baby, didnt have colic or anything.  now the next two on the other hand were a bit different.  they were both very colicy for about 3-4 months.
eventually discovered it was cuz of there formula.  they needed to be on the soy stuff.  after that they were great.  and i look at them now and it was all worth it.