Friday, July 15, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Tonite is the night!


Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince will be released! 

My hubby, the kids and myself, are all going to Barnes and Noble for a party from 9pm- Midnight!  There is going to be food, games, music, all Harry Potter related!

I can't wait.  I may actually be more excited than the kids.

HP is the most wonderful series of books.  And, fyi - any one who says they are anti-Christian has not read them or had a big fat agenda. ( like the man who read it for the Pope)

The stories are a classic battle of good vs. evil.  Voldemort, the villian, is actually evil incarnate.  It is very clear that he has lost his soul to the "devil", if you so wish to name it.  And like all true evil doers/devils his followers are legion.

Harry is the only one to stop him.  Marked as a baby by Voldemort himself.  Harry has the help of many good people  in his world.  Thank goodness.  Also, Harry being the good soul that he is, is also concerned for the muggles or non-magical people, because he knows Voldemort will harm them as well.

The fact that the book has a magical setting makes amazing things possible.  Both good and bad.  I really enjoy the fantasy world that it is set within.

But strip that away, and it is a very classic tale. 

I anxiously await this next installment to see how good will thwart evil again.  I know there will be casualties in this war, just as there are in our daily lives today.

Author Rowling gives us something very special in each book, though.  Something that in these books as in life, we cannot live without.


Be well...




motherearthgifts said...

This is MORE exciting than Harry Potter!!!
I posted all the info on you to both Lupus boards so everyone can see. ((Dawn)) Congrats!!! Have a wonderful weekend!
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foxygreeneyedldy said...

I can't wait to read this book either.  When the last book came out I went back to the beginning and read them all in order, which if anyone has the time to, I would highly suggest.  You're so right about the anti-christian thing!  That is only from people who either a.) cannot read, b.) have not read them, c.) have too much free time on their hands so they bitch about anything & everything they are ignorant to, or d.) all of the above.  I've got my copy on pre-order, so it should be waiting for me at Borders.  Can't wait to read it!


sbrlzc said...

We love Harry Potter around here. The books are beautifully done and I can't see how anyone could construe them as evil.

Hope the party was lovely!


moondawghouse said...

The struggle between good vs evil is as old as the human race and will only end when Jesus promise to return is finally fulfilled someday. I haven't read the Harry Potter series, but know that there must be something very good and positive about them in order to generate the furor that you see every time one is published. I may have to read them when I can stop writing myself long enough.

First visit to yout journal. I'll be back every now and then.


buckeyebabee71 said...

Love Harry Potter here too!.  Have gotten my oldest all the books.  Havent actually read all of them myself yet but  Anyhow, i do luv the movies :-).

tlgf1968 said...

WooHoo!!~  it's here!   it's here!  i love harry as much as you, it seems.  i was shocked to find out that my book arrived at my apt by ups on the 16th.  i didn't think i'd get it for days.  but, i haven't had a good block of time to sit and read it straight through so i haven't started yet.  can you believe it?!?  i notice you haven't posted since the release ... you're probably finishing the book as i type this ... lol  

i think i've figured out why many of us love potter:

the characters are similar to us in that they all have invisible disabilities ~~> harry's an orphan, ron is poor, hermione a muggle <~~ and what do you know?  they stick together regardless of the danger!  somehow, they always manage to console and/or support each other ... i think we manage to do that here, with our journals ...

so, thank you, princesssaurora.  happy reading :0)

((( hugs )))

sinnermeetevil said...

i love harry!

madmanadhd said...

Hewo dere. Did you survie your stint as Guest Editor? I also noticed you were number 1 on Paul's CarniAOL journal... EXCELLENT!

Ah dear Harry has been calling to me all these days but I am resisting as there is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dang much to do before our next road trip in a week. If got The Half Blood Prince in my hands I'd be lost the world until the last page is turned. Perhaps I can take it on the road and read it during the lulls at the booth.

Sounds like you all made an event out of it!

Take care and keep in touch.