Sunday, July 24, 2005

My Dad, his Stubborness, and the Hospital

I need prayers, positive thoughts, and candles lit in J-land tonight.

My dad is had to go to the ER today for chest pain.  We have been down this road before in 1986 and in 1999.  He had cardiac episodes that lead to angioplasty those years and stents placed. 

Thankfully, he know the warning signs pretty good. 

Of course, it started Monday and wouldn't fess up until Thursday that it had happened at all. 

I knew it on Monday.  All the signs were there, including his big fat stubborn denial.  He lies bad.

Thursday he fessed up, but not until dinner time, after he had watched my kids all day because I had my infusion.  He didn't want his "heart thing" (his words) to mess up my infusion. 

@@ Duh.  Like you dropping dead here alone with the kids wouldn't have ruined anyone's day. 

My dad did go to his family doc on Friday afternoon, but not until afterwork, after all, they were 2 men short for vacations and he does work at a hospital, even if it isn't the hospital we go to.  @@ @@  (double eye roll)

Family doc scheduled a stress test for this week coming and told him to relax all weekend and if the pain comes back, call the ambulance and go to the ER.

Fast forward to today, the pain came back.  About 12:30 while he was out food shopping.  He took and aspirin, finished shopping and checked out.  Yes, he had a cell phone and my mom, my hubby and myself were all home and available.  No, he didn't call us, he didn't want to upset us.  @@ @@ @@

So, after about an hour of negotiating he let us call the family doc and ask if he could be driven to the ER.  A resounding "NO" emanated from the phone, and he FINALLY let us call the ambulance. 

Long story, short, he is resting comfortably on nitroglycerin paste and blood thinners and his cardiac doc will be in first thing in the am to talk about scheduling the angiogram. 

And, oh yeah, he listens great to everyone in the hospital.  They all yelled at him for giving my mom and myself a hard time.  We told them this was "good" for him.  Last time in 1999 he ignored it for three weeks and then was dragged out of the house flat on his back by ambulance and was difficult to stabilize.  So this time was actually "cooperative" by comparison.  @@

Hopefully, it will be in arteries they can stent again, otherwise, my dad may have to open heart bypass surgery.

Please keep your fingers crossed for my dad and us all.

Be well,




sdoscher458 said...

Saying a prayer as I type this...this has been a rough week for so many in Jland..I pray that everything will be fine with your Dad & also with you...Sandi

foxygreeneyedldy said...

Good thoughts going your way!  My grandma went through a chest pain/possible heart attack episode a couple years ago.  She was in the hospital for a week before they did an angiogram and determind that there was nothing wrong with her heart - she just had gas.  We have never let her live down her "faking a heart attack" to this day!  LOL

fisherkristina said...

Prayed for your Dad.  Keep us informed.


jckfrstross said...

Praying for your dad and family let me know if there is anything i can do ok


thebaabee said...

I am sending up prayers for your stubborn Dad.  Also praying for wisdom for this doctors.  Plus prayers for you and your family.  Love bunches LuAnne

klconard1 said...

(((((((((((((Dawn and family)))))))))))))) praying for your dad and all who love him.
loving you

sinnermeetevil said...

any one who wants me to stay in contact with them please email . i will access that from my work email and once i get a new set up i will start a new beginning journal and let you all know. this might not be for several months though because my family is planning to move to another city and we want to focus on preparing for that.

sbrlzc said...

((((((((Dawn)))))))))) Will keep you and your dad in our thoughts.

Keep us posted!


lrttklly said...

Prayers being said right now for your Dad.

madmanadhd said...

Hey Dawn.... I love to pray while I cut... keeps me focused and feels doubly productive. So...... got you on the top of my list with tons of prayers, good vibes, candles, chanting, and enything else I can think of. Men!!! WHY are we so dang stubborn when it comes to health issues. Have to be all stoic and stuff. Keep the troops posted.