Saturday, July 23, 2005

New Friends...New Journals to visit!!!

Hello and Happy Saturday to everyone!

Just a moment for a quick hello and to "pimp" some journals!

Since becoming Guest Journals Editor, I have met lots of new J-land friends and it has been great!  Two of those new friends didn't have journals, but now they do!

Please visit them to give them some encouragement in their new found, I mean endeavor!  LOL

First, is my friend new friend, Deb, at Frosty Thoughts !

 Please check her out!  She is a resident of Colorado and going through quite a heat wave! 

Second, please visit, Cheri at my blog!  As a single mom with MS and three kids we really hit it off!!

Thanks everyone!!!

Be well,





jckfrstross said...

You are such a sweety thanks for pimping frosty thoughts


gabreaelinfo said...

I liked your moon post :). I just emailed you back . Check out my follow up on that picture.

Take Care,

buckeyebabee71 said...

thanks for the plug dawn. i havent posted much but i am really hoping to get into the swing of things.