Sunday, July 10, 2005

Weekend Assignment #67

Love a movie that you know is really really really bad? Then have I got a Weekend Assignment for you:

Weekend Assignment #67: Bad Movie Marathon! Share your favorite bad film of all time. Tell us why you love it so.

Extra Credit: Your favorite quote from the aforementioned film.

Oh Scalzi, you had to do it.  I love movies.  I am almost as nuts about movies as I am about books and that is pretty nuts!

This is so hard to just pick one movie.  And what equates "bad"?  Not a box office hit?  Hmmmm...

Okay, mine is actually a series of what may qualify as bad movies, but I love them.

Let me preface this that I love movies based on comic book heroes.  I am a huge Batman fan, and as a family we Tivo Justice League and Teen Titans and watch them all together!

 I have always loved comic book heroes, since I was a little girl.   It was an extension of fairy tales for me, the super hero is the knight in shining armour and all that.  Okay, I know, I probably need some serious therapy.

My movie choices are Blade, Blade II and Blade Trinity. 

I love them.  Love Wesley Snipes, love Kris Kristofferson.  Blade was a spin-off from Spiderman, for those who don't know his comic book history.  He is sexy, ultra-cool and half-vampire and half-human!!  He considers ridding the world  of vampires his lifes mission, since he is the only half-breed that exists.  He is feared by all vampires and called "Daywalker", because his human half allows him to be in the world of sunlight, unlike them. 

Kris is his gadget guy named Whistler.  He makes all these really super cool weapons that shoot, daylight and garlic.  Think Q for James Bond.  (I love those, too.)

My favorite quote from Blade the original is this:

Blade: There are worse things out there than vampires.

Dr. Karen Jenson: Like what?

Blade: Like me.

So smooth.

I could go on to quote the sequels too, but I will spare you all. 

I just love these movies!

Definitely a guilty pleasure!  And probably shocking from a middle aged mom of three!  LOL

(My kids have never seen them and will probably have to see them in college sometime, as they are very bloody and kind of scary!)

Be well,




jcole16757 said...

I've not seen these movies yet but might just give them a try.

ladygchatterly said...

How can anyone forget (remember) "Attack of the Killer Tmatoes" ?

dragonrose637 said...

Hey, I dont consider any of the Blade movies bad. Jme and I own all three and love them

madmanadhd said...

Oh but for a spare mement to EVEN watch a movie or video.

smjr43 said...

I have seen all three of the Blade movies and love them also.  For some reason, I have always been attracted to the Dracula/Vampire movies.  My picks for bad movies would have to be

An Officer and a Gentleman and Dr. T and the women!!!!  Boring!  I love Richard Gere, but I found both of these Gere movies to be quite boring.  I loved the ending of An Officer and a Gentleman.  That is the only good thing about it.  Don't have anything good to say about Dr. T and the women.  I was mad I had wasted my time on those two. :(

Have a wonderful week!

buckeyebabee71 said...

okay okay  i will tell you what i luv and what i can never find anyone else to enjoy with me.  i luv zombie movies, any zombie movie, especially all of the dead movies by george romero.
but i think the worse one i have seen to this point is actually a movie called "Zombie". go figure!