Monday, September 12, 2005

CarnivAOL V

It's here!  The fifth edition of CarnivAOL.

Please go check it out!!!

Even better than that... make a submission to the next edition!  Instructions are to submit are at the journal, but this month are a little different so please read to the end of today's entry!

CarnivAOL is a great way to highlight your journal entries, old and new, that you want a bigger audience to read! 

Join in the fun!!

Be well,


libragem007 said...

Hi Dawn,
Thanks for reminding me of CarnvAOL. I submitted an entry way back in the beginning (it was a poem). I think might just do that again....submit the link on my last entry (Choices & Joy)
Thanks for taking the time to visit me Dawn. I appreciate it with all my heart.
(I know.....I know...I'm being dramatic!) LOL!
(but I mean the appreciation though) :-)
Take care,
Gem :-)

jckfrstross said...

I will have to go check it out hope all is well with you and yours


lurkynat said...

dear Dawn,
interesting! love and hugs, natalie