Monday, September 5, 2005

End of Summer

Cracker Barrel was awesome, as always, on Saturday night!  I should let you know that it is a big treat for us because the nearest one is about 45 minutes from here!  It is our favorite place to stop when we are on vacation!!   ;-D

Yesterday, we went to a fairly local water park!  Only an hour away.  It was loads of fun!  The kids loved it!  The most enjoyable part and where we spent most of the time was on Blackbeard's River.  You know, one of those sit in the tube and float in the current things.  It was nice!

Only I don't just float.  I have to maneuver to avoid the 2 waterfalls because I do not want to get completely drenched over the head. 

So, today I am sore from backstroking in a tube away from water hazards! 

I am on cloud 9 though because Fuzzy and I went on one of the big water slides together.  The stairs up to the top of the thing almost gave me heart failure, but I made it!

The ride was worth it!  We were in a double tube together.  The ride itself was half covered and the uncovered at the bottom.  It was wicked fast and you felt like every turn you were going to flip over, but we didn't!  We screamed the whole way.

The reason I am on cloud 9 is because Fuzzy told me that was the very best part of the whole day.  :-D

That makes every achey and sore body part well worth it all today.

Things are very hectic around here with all the last minute back to school stuff that has to get done!!  Wednesday is the big day! 

I apologize to everyone for not reading journals, I will catch up, I promise!

Be well,



lv2trnscrb said...

Dawn, what a perfect end of summer weekend! I love waterparks and just floating through them is my kind of fun. WTG on going on the big waterslide!! Here's hoping you are less sore tomorrow!


sunnysbrother said...

You are a fortunate lady,  If you were my wife or the Mother of my children there is no way backstoke or not you would not spend the day drenched.   Of course you have a husband that wants to sleep in his own bed and eat food before the dog tastes it.  Now did you go to the Cracker Barrel before or after water park.  I have a feeling ole hubby is buttering you up for something.  Maybe a trip to KY.  Or another park.

Got to Run while my meds let me behave, another ten minutes and anything goes.
Dwayne and Dude

vagabondevermore said...

What a great way to end your summer!


gdireneoe said...

I love family days like that.  We call them FFO's...forced family outings...LOL. ;)  C.

fisherkristina said...

Sounds like you had a fun day!  I have never been to a water park.  


sbrlzc said...

Did I read what Dwayne wrote correctly? Are you coming to Kentucky??? LOL

Glad ya'll had fun. : )

>The reason I am on cloud 9 is because Fuzzy told me that was the very best part >of the whole day.  :-D

That is awesome!

Love ya,

jckfrstross said...

Glad you had a good time:)


hadonfield78 said...

Oh Sure, you've been to Cracker Barrell twice now and I have yet to receive a
doggy bag....................  Geez...........

libragem007 said...

"I apologize to everyone for not reading journals, I will catch up, I promise!.."

LOL! can you tell I'm just catching up? ...I'm going by my list on my journal links...and you're the first! Wish me luck if I can get through ALL by the end of the day specially with my kids being off from school because of Tropical Storm warning headed our way (SC!)
Take care,
Gem :-)