Sunday, September 25, 2005

Wide World of Sports

From the Football corner...

My entry is in Jets green, however, it didn't help them just now, there touchdown was just overturned on review.  Damn.  They did just tie the game 20-20, though. <sigh>

The Jets have not been stellar today.  Frustrating.  The defense has been on fire, the offense...barely a spark. 

Yesterday, we had Fuzzy's football game, his team lost 26-6, however, Fuzzy had a fabulous game.  He was so "there".  Really played wonderfully, he has a natural affinity for the game and it is really fun to watch him and scream at the team.

My voice is a bit lost today from the screaming.  Most of these kids have never played ball before this year, as there  has been no program for anyone younger than 5th grade.  It really shows when they play these games.  All the other teams have programs from Mighty Mite age, kindergarten. 

Doesn't matter though, they are having fun and they are improving!  They were not shut out and this was an "A" game! 

Now, for a little Baseball...

The Yankees and Bosox are tied for first place in the AL East!  Watching today's Yankee game has been a heart attack maker at times!  I love it when it is this exciting.  The entire season is probably going to come down to the Yanks and Sox, head to head.  They do have to play Baltimore first, but I am not too worried about them.  LOL

WOW!  You couldn't write an end to a season better in fiction.

Back to football for a moment, the Giants are on tonite at 8pm, however, hubby and I will be in attendance at another professional sports game, previously unmentioned

Can you guess?

Hockey!!!!   YAY!  It was my personal birthday gift to my hubby for his 40th.  We love hockey, we love the NJ Devils, and last year, there was no hockey, thanks to their stooooopid (hear Ren & Stimpy voice) strike!

Tonight is a pre-season game against the NY Islanders.  Always a good one, pre-season or otherwise.  The tickets were on sale, so I got absolute center ice, on the line, upper tier, but only the 12th row, which is pretty darn good!

We are going to have dinner there together, too.  A really nice birthday date night! 

We may even get home early enough to see a snap or two of the Giants game.  Yipppeeee!!!

Of course, tomorrow Fuzzy has another game, so just in case I didn't get enough football, there is more!  LOL

Be well,


lv2trnscrb said...

Dawn, enjoy tonight! Seems like you got great seats for the hockey game. I have to say, hockey is interesting to watch, but such a violent sport at times. My son likes to go to our hockey team's games (we have a minor league I guess you would call them) to watch to see how many fights break out.

Anyway, I hope the evening goes well and your team wins!


hadonfield78 said...

Thank you for the sports update. This was really cool.
How about my Penn State Lyons ????
They are 4-0 now.
The Steelers are on the right track as well....................................

sbrlzc said...

I hope ya'll have a blast!!! Glad to hear Fuzzy did well even though the team lost, I hope he's having fun playing. " )


jckfrstross said...

Glad fuzzy enjoys playing have fun on date night


cdittric77 said...

As a die hard yankee fan, whose family has roots only a few blocks from the Stadium, this is what baseball is all about!
Peace and love,

eml625 said...

Dawn, Your talking New York sports here !!! LOL - so, since I'm from the big apple, I'm hoping the Islanders kick some Jersey A-- !!!! Have a great time at the game. Take some pictures !