Sunday, September 11, 2005


Today is a day of sad reflection.  This is my Memorial.

Everything changed 9/11/01. 

There are so many out there who will read this and think that I am being overly dramatic.  There are many who just don't get it.

I have spoken before about this tragedy and how it has touched my life.  There are many who have been hit with an anvil as opposed to the hammer I have been hit with, and many who have just had this brush by them.

The most important thing is to Never Forget.

The picture that I have above is the NYC skyline, now.  This picture was taken on Memorial Day 2005. 

Those of us who have the blessing to gaze upon the skyline of NYC feel the loss always.  Our skyline is not the same.  The Towers are missing.  Now, there is a void, an empty spot at the right side of the picture. 

That void is felt by us in the Tri-State area, all the time.  Every day.  I think of 9/11 every morning when my hubby kisses me good-bye and heads into the city.

My hubby thinks of it as he sits in the bus, on the helix, that is the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel and gazes over to the city. 

The void is there.  The loss of our friend is there.  The loss of the thousands is there.  The loss of our innocence.  The loss of feeling safe. 

Terrorism was something that happened over there - in the Middle East, sometimes Europe, prior to 9/11. 

Now, it is forever here at my doorstep. 

I embrace that.  I will never forget.  I never want anyone to forget.  The horror, the pain, the loss, it binds us all as Americans. 

Today, I reflect on the past four years.  I do not think we have come very far.  I do not think we are safer today than we were then. 

I know we are more aware.  Maybe, that will make the difference in future.  I know we are still a target, and I will never be so naive as to think an attack will not happen again.  Now, I know the question is just "when" not "if".

I pray for all of humanity.  I pray for my country.  I pray for our soldiers, and police and firemen.  I pray for families and friends.  I pray for my children's future.

I pray for tolerance and acceptance, because those are the two things that will save us all from the horrors of terrorism and war and hate.

May we find a way to live in peace and love.

Be well,


lv2trnscrb said...

Thank you Dawn; not only did this tragedy touch you as an American, but it touched you because you were so close to it. I can't imagine that horror. I join you in the prayers that you say.


sdoscher458 said...

A moving tribute. I certainly understand your feelings. I will never forget my feelings of that day...the fear for loved ones in harm's way. First anger, how dare my MY city be attacked, how dare they! I wanted them punished beyond all reason...sanity finally prevailed I could not blame a whole religion because of a few. I never want anyone to forget, or push it under a carpet....Sandi

fisherkristina said...

Thank  you Dawn.  Well put.


dornbrau said...

Beautiful and eloquently written.

libragem007 said...

Oh Dawn,
You have written from your heart. It made feel sad because of what happened but when a tribute is like yours, somehow you helped ease the pain...I hope I made sense.
Thank you for this tribute and entry.
Gem :-)

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn
Sigh... I am so sorry that It happened..... Huuuugggssss and I hope that as time goes by New York emerges tall and strong against those threats love,natalie
((((Dawn))))ps I'm going to do a 9/11 story kinda' late becasue I felt I ahd to do some of the New Orleans things first but I did mark it in my heart as well as the family did who moved here after it love,natalie