Friday, September 16, 2005

Hubby's Birthday

I first put this entry in my Poetry Journal, (Touch of Empathy) now I share it with you all here as his birthday is arriving in a few short days:                

             Happy 40th Birthday to my Hubby

We started together at 24, heading to what we thought was a landmark age at 25. We were both fed up with being alone and single and found what we were looking for in each other. Companion, friend, soul mate.

We have blossomed together, both of us have grown out the constraints of our youth.

Adversity does that, they say. It drives you together or tears you apart. Here we are, still together, in spite of earlier predictions.

I knew you were the most giving, loving man that God could ever bring to me but I fell in love with you ten times more when you held our first born. Three times you have held our newborns, before me even, and each time I saw the dad in you come more and more alive.

You are an amazing dad, so fulfilled and happy with each and every facet of that role and its demands, that it gleams from within you. Everyone we know sees it. You are the dad that others want to be, and wish they had for their own. The Coach, the parents fight to get you, the kids clamor to be near you, listen to you, play with you, learn from you.

Illness brings more adversity into our lives and yet you still step up and open up more. You have not shied away from your role as caretaker when you have had to do it. Partner at my side, and sometimes holding me up through it all.

My heart keeps growing with more love for you, just when I think I couldn’t love you any more. And certainly, no less. We left our singlehood together, those partying days, hand in hand and faced our unknown future.

We held each other through the baby making and trials and tribulations of becoming new parents again and againand again. Our babies are no more. We have three fabulous young people, one at the cutting edge of the teen years and two more not far behind. Two young men and a young lady. They are our pride and joy, and raising them through the rest of our unknown future will be my privilege with you, still hand in hand.

Forty isn’t old, but it does represent another change for us in our lives. High school years are soon to begin, college never far from any of our minds. They are blessedly smart and learned kids, they thirst for knowledge and to succeed and most of all to make us proud.

I hope we make them proud.

Thank you for being the wonderful man that you have always been, that you are today, and that you will be tomorrow. Thank you, for the honor of taking my hand and walking with me through life.

Happy 40th Birthday, dear Husband.


sdoscher458 said...

That is a beautiful should type it up and frame it..this is something that should be left for the generations to come...they will know your love. Sandi

gdireneoe said...

Oh hon' this is wonderful...I'm tearing.  See ya...I gotta go kiss mine. ;)  C.

jckfrstross said...

Tell him Happy Birthday:)


sunnysbrother said...

I could have sworn I replied or commented on this entry before but maybe I just dreamed it.  Of course when I replied before I thought you were only twenty nine and married to an old man.  Now I find you are an old woman married to a young man.  lol............There goes the hope for an English Muffin.
Dwayne and Dude

fisherkristina said...

So touching.


aims814 said...

This is just beautiful!!! Love brings out the poet in all, doesn't it?. :) This is worth printing and framing. (perhaps one of those double-frames with a picture of the two of you opposite of it)

I am so happy that you left your link for me!


vagabondevermore said...

A nice tribute to your husband.


libragem007 said...

oh so sweet..and what a wonderful tribute to your dear hubby :-)
Happy Happy Birthday!
Gem :-)

sbrlzc said...

That is just so sweet!