Friday, September 23, 2005

Weekend Assignment #78

Mr. Scalzi's W/end Assgn. #78

Weekend Assignment #78: You are preparing to evacuate your house due to an upcoming threat. You have already packed up all your essential items, people and pets. You have room for three non-essential items. What are they?

Remember, you already have your essentials: food, medicines, water, clothes, and all the people (including the furry ones) who live with you. "Non-essentials" are things you don't need but would like to have, and can include momentos, books, jewelry, objects of sentimental value, and so on and so forth.

Extra Credit: Have you ever been evacuated?

This is a tough question, especially knowing that so many people are going through the horror of evacuation right now down in Texas, thanks to darn Hurricane Rita.

However, I have been thinking about this since yesterday.

1)     My digital camera.  I would click away constantly to document the entire scene, the entire storm, the entire evacuation. 

2)     I would take all my jewelry that was given to me by my hubby, and especially those items handed down from my grandma and great aunt.

3)     I would also take as many pictures and mementos from my childhood, my wedding, my kids lives, etc.  These are things that money cannot replace, and are so special to me now and I know will grow in their value to me as my kids grow up.

If I could add a fourth completely frivolous item it would be the laptop because baby, I am an internet addict!  LOL

Extra credit:  No, I have never been evacuated, thank the Lord above.

Prayers going out to everyone facing Hurricane Rita and its effects.

Be well,


lv2trnscrb said...

Liked your list, Dawn. See, I think the laptop comes under the essential items, LOL, along with people and pets. I would probably strap it on to my son somehow and take it that way.

I think its neat you have jewelry passed down from family members. That would be something definitely to take.

I would take:
1.  Bible
2.  pictures
3.  Worship CDs.
and thankfully, I've never had to be evacuated.

thanks for sharing!

cdittric77 said...

Great list, Dawn! Love that you're an addict!

jckfrstross said...

Hope you have a great weekend:)


monponsett said...

No one has opted to take their whole house yet...

tillysweetchops said...

It's quite worrying when you stop to think of all the precious things we'd want to save because we know in reality we probably wouldn't have the time. The thought is almost enough to make me want to hire a storage place for all those prized possessions - but then I'd feel obliged to pack the children in too!

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn,
Nice list! I appreciate the comments about the hurricane victims too love,nat