Saturday, September 3, 2005


This is it!  The last weekend before school starts!  Time is dragging me into the next phase of the year whether I want to be there or not!

New teachers, new responsibilities for the kids...the new harrowing schedule we have to get used to all over again.

Tonight, we are going to Cracker Barrel for dinner, yum!  I can't wait!

More later....


Be well,




lv2trnscrb said...

Enjoy your dinner, Dawn. I think every town has a Cracker Barrel, LOL; we have one here where I live. Its my inlaws favorite place to eat; they do a lot of traveling and they always look for towns with Cracker Barrels.

Wishing your kids and you a successful school year! It always is an adjustment isn't it getting back to a school routine.

(I'm still working on my entry about Jesus; getting my thoughts together and getting ready to write it soon)


sunnysbrother said...

If I had know you were going to be across the street from me for Dinner I would have dressed for it.  Cracker Barrel is about two hundred yards from my front door.

Dwayne and Dude

jckfrstross said...

Ok please take me i have never been to cracker barrel david has not me boohoo lol have a great time


gabreaelinfo said...

The soup at Cracker Barrel is great.

Take Care,