Monday, September 19, 2005

Football Musings

I have always loved football. 

I remember watching with my dad when I was about 3 or 4 pointing to the players on our black and white tv and asking him, "Are we rooting for the players in the white shirts or the gray shirts, Daddy?"

Yes, my love affair with the game started very young.

I was the only girl in high school that guys knew, "got it".  They could talk about the Giants or Jet game and know and that I understood. 

I watched my high schools football games with great interest.

I drove on the weekends with my parents and my best friend, sister of my heart, Kathy, 45 minutes to my little cousin's football games!  We watched him as a mite, a pee-wee, a junior and a senior, right on up the league.

I turned my Kathy from a football hater into a football-loving, Giants fanatic fan in about 2 years!  It was wonderful!  Phil Simms, ex-quarterback of the Giants came to her work and she damn near passed out with excitement!  I consider her conversion to fan one of my stellar achievements!

Enter my hubby into my life.  An avid Giant fan.  Yay!  We went to a game our first football season together and have tried to continue that tradition whenever we can.

Enter kids, we have always had football on the tv since they were little and they all root for the Giants and Jets!  We are a two team household, as my dad loves the Jets, but liked the Giants, too, and hubby is all GIANTS, but can tolerate the Jets.

I was so thrilled when Fuzzy decided to play football.  I mean, I was really, really over-joyed.  I get to be the football mom!  YAY! 

My mom friends were all, "Oh Dawn, aren't you worried?"

No, not at all.  I really didn't fear him getting hurt.  I know he can, but we know people whose kids have broken things playing soccer and they have almost no pads.  We have added to the minimum pads required, and Fuzzy is very well protected.

Hubby is also on the field as a coach.  It is the only was Fuzzy would play, daddy had to coach and daddy, of course, obliged as he has and does with all the sports the kids have played.  I know that hubby is there to be sure that my Fuzzy will be watched for any problems and there to help him if needed.

So, there we were yesterday in the bleachers.  My parents, Hammer, Pumpkin and myself.  I could barely sit still because I was so excited.  My baby is about to play his first football game!

As he took the field for the first play of the game, my heart was pounding and I was smiling so much that my face still hurts today! 

And, he only played half the game!  lol

I felt like my son was in the Olympics, I wanted to shout out to everyone, that's my SON, after every play.  I kept myself fairly subdued to the outside world, though.  I didn't embarass myself.

However, I am looking forward to the first home game which is October 2nd...then we can go really nuts in the stands!  Hammer wants to paint himself in the team colors....hmmm, not many moms do that, but maybe...

I honestly think I may be enjoying this a little too much!

Be well,

Ps.  My sons team lost 22-0.  I don't care!  It was still great!


lv2trnscrb said...

Please do take a picture of Fuzzy playing football and Hammer (and yourself) painted in the team colors to share with us. I enjoy football, but my passion is basketball.


sbrlzc said...

I honestly think I may be enjoying this a little too much!


Nah. As long as you don't embarrass him, you're all good.


cdittric77 said...

Paint yourself all up and then take a picture for us :) DO IT!!!!!

madmanadhd said...

What a wonderful tribute to football and parenting. Your remising of watching football with dad elicits memories of my dad, big sis, mom, and I all sitting round a 12" B&W TV cheering on the BoSox (damn Yankees!!@#$!). Somehow football has never elicited the passionate interest baseball and hockey has in our family. It is very true that parents pass on their passions to their children... as well as their bad habits. We rooted for the (THEN) hapless New England Patriots. I still remember Jim Plunket taking the field and hoping he could pull us through a victory. Our high school team was so deplorable that we were blessed to win ONE game a season. Can't wait to read more about your son's exploits on the field and SEE your fandom reflected in your face (hint hint).
Thanks for sharing.

tlgf1968 said...

hmmmm, reading potter, writing in journals, watching football ... were we separated at birth?  i haven't painted my face but i've worn team colors from head to toe -- YOU GO GIRL ! ! !  :0)  can't wait to see pics.  hugs, trace

vagabondevermore said...

I too am a football lover.  Enter 2 husbands that didn't, Exit 2 husbands.  My daughter doesn't fully understand the game yet but she is willing to watch for awhile.

You should paint Hammer up.  Let him show his spirit.  I would do that for my daughter, if she ask.

Go Panthers!!!


hadonfield78 said...

Oh you can never enjoy watching your kids in sports too much...................
You know I love football and have the pleasure of watching my son and my daughter play for the last four years.
Its a way to make a whole family day of it.
YOU sound like a super super football MOM.
Your son looks very very handsome in his uniform.
You have a very very nice family.

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn,
I am so happy that you and Fuzzy and hubby are ahving so much fun with football!Our last kid wanted to play but we are too scared for injuries We lvoe teh Mighty Titans though! hugs and love, natalie

eml625 said...

That's awesome that your into that !! Way to go Football mom !!! My son is not into any sports just his band. But my daughter and soccer (please dont call me a soccer mom !!! LOL) Take care.

bosoxblue6993w said...

i saw the old boston patriots play the jets at fenway park years ago.   namath was a rookie.    it was my first pro game.

firestormkids04 said...

Woo Hoo!  I love football, too.  Blessings, Penny

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn,
Congratulations on being featured in CarniVaol!
you are great !
hugs, nat