Thursday, September 8, 2005

The Despondent Yankee Fan

Everyone knows about the trip to the water park.  It was really great, full of great memories I will cherish. 

Unfortunately, with RA (or Lupus), you pay for that one day of fun. 

The physical activity, although not intense, was enough.  I did this awkward 2 armed-back stroke thing while sitting in the tube on the lazy river.  I was trying to avoid water hazards.  The result was very sore chest muscles, just under my breasts and at the sternum.  It has felt a lot like costochondritis which is an inflammation of the chest wall at the sternum, who knows, I probably did cause it to become inflammed.  Either way, hurts like hell, especially on any deep breaths.

Hubby sometimes gets free tickets to sports events.  Our kids are huge Yankee fans and he was able to get 4 free tickets and free parking (very important if you know NYC at all) for today.  We have known about this game since the end of July.

Pumpkin Muffin didn't want to go to the game, which we knew in advance.  She went to the last one and fell asleep near the end.  It is just too long for her and still feels that way. 

It was supposed to be me, hubby and the 2 boys.  I have really been looking forward to this game.  I love going to any sports event in person.  The thrill of being there in person, getting caught up with the crowd cheering, you can't beat that euporia!  Even so-so fans get carried away at live games.

Especially, when the seats are great.  These seats are primo!  Just to the right of first base, lower level, box seats, about 7 rows up.  Just high enough to see.  Close enough to be in the action and absolutely in foul territory.  Very exciting, great location, for those who do not know baseball.

I am not going.

A friend of the boy's is going instead.

Why? Because I am still suffering from the water park.  Going to a live game and having to walk so much to and from the parking lot and up and down stairs to and from seats would be a physical expense that I cannot pay. 

Not if I want to have a good weekend coming up.

Tomorrow night is my dinner and movie club.  I really want to go, I enjoy going out with the girls and getting to have grown-up intelligent conversation.  Saturday is full of sports things with the kids and Saturday night we are going to a barbecue and swim party. 

As it is on Sunday I will be exhausted. 

I don't have enough spoons.  Remember the spoon theory?

If not, please read it here: Spoons

Only so many spoons to use in a day, in a week.  RA severely limits those.  I need them for other things this weekend.  I used a whole bunch at the water park and getting up early with the kids again for school.

The Yankees will play without me.  The boys have both said they really wished I could go and will miss me.  They will have lots of fun with their friend and their dad.

I am sad and disappointed but listening to my body.  It isn't the first time and won't be the last time that I will miss out due to my disease.

I will watch it on tv, with my feet up, relaxing. 

I guess that is the way it is meant to be.

Be well,



gdireneoe said...

So sorry you are made to take it easy.  You are wise to heed to your bodies needs.  I have had costochondritis...not fun.  Scared me to death...thought I was having a heart attack...that wouldn't go away.  Rest easy so your kiddies can enjoy you this weekend. ;)  C.

sunnysbrother said...

I now have tears in my eyes and all because this nice lady can't go watch the Yankees play.  Would you believe it, I live in Tampa and for four years only about five blocks from the stadium and I have never attended one of the Yankee games.  I do cuss the damn traffic jams those fans cause.  But, one consolation.  when they aren't there to play then there is this great big grassy field that I can let Dude go and play.  So I will hope that at least they bring you home one Hot Dog as a treat.
Dwayne and Dude

sbrlzc said...

((((((((((Dawn)))))))))) I know this feeling all too well.

Feel better!


jckfrstross said...

Hang in there it will get better put up your feet and rest:)


lv2trnscrb said...

So sorry, Dawn; what a disappointment. Seems like a perfect evening. Just think, though, how excited that friend of your boys must be to have this opportunity!
Hoping you feel better to enjoy your weekend.


jeanno43 said...

Thank you for the lovely comment and good wishes on my journal.

dornbrau said...

Girl, I would be in big trouble, I probably have more spoons than you do, I just don't know where they are!
At least you know your limitations and can set priorities in advance.  
Funny how folks take for granted so many simple things in life.
If I find any extra spoons laying around I'll send them your way.

thebaabee said...

OH Sweetie, I am so sorry.  I hate rationing spoons.  I really do.  But, it's just something we are forced to do.  And, boy do I know what the costochondritis pain is like.  Rest up.  Love you bunches LuAnne

libragem007 said...

oh Dawn...I hope you're feeling better now.
I will read that link/website.
Thinking of you :-)

lurkynat said...

der Dawn
Aww! that sucks!! I'm so sorry love , natalie