Wednesday, August 10, 2005

10 Things You Don't Know About Me

I decided after I saw this as a suggestion to keep your blog from getting boring (gasp!), not that mine would ever be, I would give it a try!  lol

So, I am going to list things about myself that you cannot find anywhere previously mentioned in my blog! 

I hope I get lots of comments... this should be fun!

10.     I got pregnant on my honeymoon.  Using birth control.  Okay, obviously, not very well, but it was in use.

9.     My first car was a 1970 Cutlass Supreme Coupe.  It was gold and gorgeous and it was smokin' fast!

8.     My middle name is Ann and my parents initials and mine all matched until I was married!  D-A-L.  I know, very corny, blame my mom.

7.     Officially, I am an only child.  My best friend became my "adopted" sister when I was 17 and she was 19!

6.     I could have been in Mensa, I passed the test, couldn't afford the NYC dues.

5.     My favorite meal is filet mignon, butterflied & well-done, from Ruth Chris Steakhouse, with a lobster tail and drawn butter and bernaise sauce for the steak.  I also love their au gratin potatoes as the side dish.  YUM. 

4.     Rather than drink beer or wine, I love an exceedingly cold Belvidere Vodka Martini, very dry, very cold, shaken and with lime, no olive, no onion.  If pressed, I will drink vodka straight if it is icy cold and a superior vodka.  No one ever believes this until they see me drink it... lol.  Unfortunately, due to RA meds, I rarely drink anymore.  And before RA it was only twice a month maybe! lol

3.     I am an empath.  (those who believe will understand those who don't, won't)

2.     Most unusual "whoopee" place would have been with hubby on a pool table in a closed bar(pre-marriage, but with my hubby!).

1.       I love all kinds of music.  The CD's in my 6 CD disc changer right now are BonJovi CrossRoads, Mozart, Randy Travis Forever & Ever, Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy, Evanescence and James Taylor.  (in the visor I have Def Leppard, Cher, Springsteen, U2 and Madonna)

Scary, huh? 

Now, you know some fun and funky things about me!  Link me to your journals and let's see YOU do the same!!!!  YAY!


swibirun said...

My mouth is watering....haven't had Ruth's Chris Steakhouse food since we moved to Knoxville in 2000  :(    

How about N'awlins shrimp?


sbrlzc said...

I don't think I could come up with ten things that aren't somewhere in my journal. Hmmm... Lemme think.


princesssaurora said...

LOL - I didn't get pregnant in the Cutlass!  LOL tee hee... this is fun!

Be well,

thebaabee said...

I am very impressed.  I think I just might steal your idea for my journal

Mensa, very impressive.  But I am not suprised.  Love you bunches, LuAnne

sdoscher458 said...

Cool makes one stand out from the crowd you are a definite individual...Sandi

hadonfield78 said...

I Love Vodka too.  But like you, I can indulge myself much anymore. I maybe have a drink or two once a month.
I used to Love Vodka and Squirt soda. Plus I love love love Martini's.
Ah...... The Good Old Days................
When I was young and didnt sound like the Tin Man when I walked..........

shadierush said...

I put a link to your journal on my journal.
Just thought you might like to know.

madmanadhd said...

You got pregnant on your honeymoon?! Wellllll..... maybe we should have waited that long, unfortunately NOT!

Ah my first set of wheels was a 1960 Chevy Biscayne. It had fins like a boat, handled like a tank, but lotsa room in the back seat for uhhhh... backseat "driving." (No one else is gonna read the entry right?)

My love has a cousin who has had the misfortune of having the following initials... BS, BM, and BO. I told her is she changed her middle name to Louise she should make the next marriage to some shmuck whose last name begins with T.

Mensa? Is this an acronym for the "Mighty Entertaining Nuns Society of America?"

Skip the fancy dancy drinks and give me a Cutty Sark on the rocks of a B&B Straight up.

On a pool table hu? OK time for that cold shower now. ... BY the way there is something about the rhythmic rocking of a train and an empty passenger car that can really enhance the "Whoopee" experience.

Gotta goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

I'm celebrating my one year J-land anniversary... here's my first entry.

dotcomdiva831 said...