Monday, August 29, 2005

The Stalking Squirrel

We had a squirrel in the house last night.  Not a normal squirrel an intelligent, stalking squirrel!!!  Let me explain...

The saga began in the fall when we discovered that squirrels had accessed our attic!  We called the pest people and they put a contraption over the hole that allowed the squirrels to leave the attic, but not go back in.

It worked. 

That is when the stalking began.  The extremely offended squirrel leered over the gutter at my dad every time he left the house!  He would follow him along the line of the house to the side when my dad would put out the trash!  He would be waiting there, watching, everytime my dad came home from work or an errand!

Staring him down... it was creepy!  You could almost imagine the sniper rifle in his little black claws!

Winter came and went, no squirrel problem.

Spring arrives and somehow the squirrel, we know which one, pried open the thingy and got back into the attic!

Friday, the pest people came and put a new and improved thingy over the hole that the squirrel would not be able to bend after exiting.

He decided not to exit.  We could hear lots of scratching on Saturday and figured our little furry friend was quite perturbed but that he would eventually, leave.  Wrong.

Last night, while cleaning up from dinner, the squirrel appeared on top of our microwave, peering out at us! 

It exited a hole in the back of the cabinet.  Lovely.

My dad and I sent the kids and dog out of the kitchen and dining area.  My dad took up post in the kitchen and I in the far end of the dining room, so as to not let the squirrel gain access to our family room or stairs to the bedrooms!

We opened the back door and screen door and waited quietly.

The squirrel leaned far out over the top of the microwave and looked at the open door, FREEDOM.  He cautiously surveyed my dad and myself, stretched out further and promptly slipped on the microwaves smooth front, onto the floor!

Panicked, he ran under the dining room table, bypassing the door.  I slowly moved toward him, hoping to scare him toward the door, but not to panic him and send him elsewhere in the house.

It worked, he ran out the door and down the back stairs and disappeared!  Yay!

Until today. 

Our stalking squirrel is back at his post over the gutter by the driveway.  Ears back and looking really pissed off.  

I tried to get a picture, but the garbage truck came and scared him off for the time being. 

I know he will be back, watching, waiting. 

I hope the pest guys are right and this "better" thingy holds out and he does not get back inside!

Be well,




schnozbeary said...

Sell the footage!!! Call it " Squirrels Gone Wild." ;) Penny

my78novata said...

OH man sounds like the movie caddy shack on ly they had a ground hog> LOL better watch them nuts the squirrels will be slinging at you . LOL

lv2trnscrb said...

What an adventure, Dawn. It makes for a good story except it is true and would be scary if that squirrel was in my house. Hope the pest control person fixed the problem this time. Did the kids think it was funny?


dornbrau said...

Don't you know, it was only looking for some Post-it notepads!
We had a squirrel that used to just walk into our old house like it was our pet cat or something.  When the door was shut it would sit outside the diningroom window and cluck at me until I threw it some nuts or berries.  I think I saw him flattened on the road infront of the house after we moved, but the kids decided that the smaller squirrel that showed up at our new house was our friend so there were no tears shed.

swibirun said...

That was a riot!  Too funny!


hadonfield78 said...

That is too too funny. I tell ya though, those squirells are smart.
The other day I sat in the park and watched them go from tree to tree looking for something to eat. Sometimes they would try to knock the other squirell off of his/her branch.
I had the best time just sitting there watching them.

vagabondevermore said...

Have you thought about buying a squirrel feeder.  Maybe he won't feel so inclined to join you family for dinner.