Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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Comment from: vagabondevermore, Jan

Who is your greatest hero of all times?

This was tough as I admire many people.  The greatest of all time has to be Jesus.  Jesus the man, sans the divinity was one heck of a man.  I do not reject His divinity, it is just not something present or available in other potential heroes.  Jesus walked the walk and talked the talk.  Yet, He was not perfect.  He got angry, He made mistakes, He was sometimes sad.  Jesus placed love and kindness, compassion and understanding, above any rules of religion, politics, or social standards.  He consciously chose to contradict the "establishment" to promote His ideals knowing that it would eventually cost Him His life.  It is the absolute humanity of Jesus that speaks to me in my life. 

What was your childhood like?

Well, my next 2 heroes would be my mom and dad, so this is a nice follow-up.  My childhood was wonderful!  I was an only child to very giving, young parents.  I was lucky that all I remember are good times!  Until I became a teen, my life was anguish free!  As a teen, it was all self-imposed, so that doesn't count.  I had a lot of friends in the neighborhood and a bunch of cousins and aunt and uncles nearby, so I never remember feeling lonely.  I loved to read, even then.  I loved to play imaginative games and board games.  I did all kinds of clubs and activities and was a straight A student and usually, a teacher's pet!  I did dance class, all kinds of different instruments, gymnastics, Girl Scouts and Gifted and Talented Program.  We lived in the town I live in now with my kids.  A suburban, small town in Northern New Jersey.  My summer vacations were "down the shore" as we Jerseyites say, usually at Wildwood Crest.  The rest of my summer was spent at the town pool with my friends.  We played cards when we weren't swimming, but we swam a lot.  I did swim team too.  That pretty much describes it!


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Comment from: hadonfield78, Hadon

1)  If your the Princess now, when will you be the Queen ??

Now, dear Hadon, didn't you read how I got my screen name in the last CarnivAOL?  My screen name was because of my childhood love of Princess Aurora, her name and mine meaning the same, and my daughter's love for the "Disney Princesses" as well!  As soon as I had a daughter, she became the "Princess" and I gotted bumped upstairs to "Queen" and my mom is now "Queen Mother".  Just like British Royalty!! LOL

2)  Do you wear the Princess Tiara to bed ??

My tiara has been passed down to the Princess and the Crown in in the Tower and only comes out on special occasions, but believe me, everyone knows who rules the roost around here!  tee hee

The Hadonfield Myers Experience  

More to come later!  Thanks everyone!  This is so much fun!   Be well,


sunnysbrother said...

I like your answers to Jan in question two.  It sort of makes me believe that New Jersey and West Virginia have a lot in common with the closeness of the families especially during the teeage years.    Are you sure you aren't from West Virginia?
I'm sorry I just checked and New Jersey is the capital of West Virginia.  Those Yankee states always confuse me.
Dwayne and Dude

libragem007 said...

I admire your answer on #1 :-)
now..I just had to laugh at Hadon's questions! LOL!! he should know by now WHO ruled the house!! LOL ;-)
great entry I am getting to know you! :-)
Gem :-)

hadonfield78 said...

I have always thought of you as "Royalty"

lv2trnscrb said...

Dawn, I'm curious about your thoughts on Jesus. He is/was perfect. What mistakes do you think he made? He got angry but it was righteous anger (anger against injustice - not angry at something someone said or did to him). He was sad, but that was the man expressing his emotions - I believe the Lord God also is sad at times when He sees the evil played out in the world. But I'm having trouble figuring out what mistakes Jesus made. He definitely had love - He is love, kindness, compassion, etc. Thanks!

(love your answers; just curious about your thoughts)