Monday, August 8, 2005

Hats off to Hadon

I have to take my hat off to Hadon and admit something.

First read Hadon's comment...

Comment from: hadonfield78
"Hadon is here (Sneeking in the door, with head hung down low) "Well, I certainly got my lumps on that one didnt I ?"
I didnt know that the comment upset you so. I wish you would have told me.  I do apologize if it made you upset. The reason why I said what I said, was because you were talking in defeat when you said "I will still be a lump".  I needed you to muster up the anger to fight, fight, fight. If I pissed you off enough to think about fighting, then I acheived what I had hoped to.
What makes me think that I can pass out mental medicine to someone in your situation ??  I have RA as well. I was diagnosed 5 years ago. And it takes all the energy I have to get out of bed every morning. I also have bulged discs in my neck which are tapping against my spinal cord, which causes me to lose feeling in my arms and legs. Which also provides for some killer migranes. But I dont give up. Why ??   Because I am 45, and I want another 55 years. Im going to live to be 100. Thats my goal. And Im not gonna let this stupid desease take me out of the game. But thats just how I feel about me.
I again apologize if I upset you. I hope that you will forgive me."

Not only are you forgiven...I truly hope you forgive me!

I did not know that you had RA.  AND, I fully admit that it would have COMPLETELY changed how I took your comments!

I assumed (ok, there it is...ass u me, I know) that you were making your comments as a healthy guy who didn't have a clue.

You do have a clue and not only that you have RA!  Well, knock me over with a feather!!! 

If you had included a little post script that mentioned that, the whole tone with which I read your comment would have been completely different and I would have read the "get up and fight" you were intending for me to hear!

Thank you, forbeing gracious to a fault, as I used you as an example of what a HEALTHY person should not say!  LOL

However, you may kick me in the butt and yell at me to get up and fight any day.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You are a great guy!!!!  And hopefully, they will find a cure for auto-immune disease and we will all live happily and healthily (is that a word?) into our 100's!!! 

We can stand next to Willard on the Today Show!  Of course, he will be a stuffed taxidermied Willard, but that is okay!

Be well,

A Humbled Dawn





hadonfield78 said...

There is no need to apologize. YOU ARE FINE.
I should have mentioned my situation when I left you that original comment.
That was very ignorant of me.
I dont mentioned my health status in my journal simply because I refuse to let it
control my life. I have kids and they are into sports. I use all the energy I can to help them, coach them, and even play sports with them.
I am exhausted at bedtime, and I lay there while my legs shake and tremble from the spasms.
But its ok. Because I figure the Lord gave me another day to live. And I made full use of it. So its worth the pain.

kamppik said...

Damn!  I want to be a lump...seriously, a big, fat useless lump that people have to step over to get into the filthy kitchen with the dishes all over the place, it is hard reaching the counter when one is a lump.  I want my family to have to roll me out of the way as they pass me going down the stairs since I am so slow and hold them up...actually, maybe they should roll me down the stairs...and down the hallway to the bedrooms, where the term "bed bugs" has become a reality because lumps don't have hands to change sheets, make beds, etc...wait, part of that lump was my hand!  They can just roll me past the bathrooms, don't even want to go there!  They can just spray me off with a hose, or better yet, put me in the kiddie pool and use me as a beach ball.  This way, they will get some enjoyment out of me...Ha!  Had you all thinking I was depressed!  Just giving my friend Dawn a chuckle....

klconard1 said...

Wow --- I am amazed!  This is more proof of how easily we misunderstand one another when communicating with the written word lol!  Words are so powerful.  But without facial expressions and voice inflections we can read the words and miss the intent!  And of course knowledge of someone's circumstances helps too.
I agree -- hat's off to Hadon!
Loving you

schnozbeary said...

The beauty of this place amazes me!!! I didn't know about Hadon's RA are both gloriously gracious beings!! Penny

madmanadhd said...

Hats off to both you and Hadon... some folks give up after suffering with far less challenges. Yet we truly donlt know the burdon others bear. Thanks for enlightening us to what RA means for you.