Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot on Tuesday

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Snap a picture of something odd that you have in your house. And, no, don't take any pictures of your spouse. Really, that's just mean. No, I'm talking some object that when people see it in your house, they stop and say something like "Huh. You don't see that every day. from John Scalzi

This is one of my cats, Tina.  She was a feral kitten that we adopted from a rescue agency.  I submit her as "odd" because she hates everyone except my hubby.  She is addicted to him.  So much so, that she must rub herself all over his discarded clothing and even sleep in/on them.

This is Tina sleeping in my hubby's jeans that he absently dropped to the floor in our family room late one night after the munchkins went to bed. 

He is always hot, and is often too lazy to go get a pair of shorts for over his shorts.  Yeah, I pity me, too.  You get used to it. 

His comment is - "It pays to advertise."  Whatever.

So, here is my very odd kitty sleeping in her daddy's pants!!!

I know you are all jealous...

Both cat and hubby can be rented out... no, shared free of charge at a family room of your choice.  LOL

Be well,



schnozbeary said...

" It Pays to advertise?" ROFL!!!!! My hubby does that too, so I feel your pain!! Things they DON'T tell ya about in the "Marriage Handbook" !! Penny

jckfrstross said...

LOL how cute the cat i mean hahaha


yankeygr said...

What a great sense of humor you have! Love your cat, Tina. How did she get her name?    Rhonda

ldylawyer620 said...

I don't see the pic!

fisherkristina said...

She IS very unusual!  She has very unusual markings.


dragonrose637 said...

lol. your cat is sooo cute. dont you love it when cats do those type of things?

sbrlzc said...

That is too cute! I'm adding a picture to my journal now...


madmanadhd said...

You mentions dogS and catS... how does Tina get along with the rest of the animal clan?

Yeah I'm sure you are just sooooooooo distressed when hubby starts "advertising." Guess it's OK as long he doesn;t start renting out add space. There was a guy who was paid to shave his head and have the logo of a business tatooed on his skull. Is nothing sacred!


my78novata said...

we had a calico cat that lived to be 18 she was just like that. She looked so much like yours.

dkb11161970 said...

dude, that's huge!  i mean, tina the cat.  grins, debra