Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Some questions Answered

Comment from: swibirun, Chris, see links below
1)  What does squirrel taste like?

Ahh, a comedian.  I do not know.  I have never tasted squirrel. :-)

2)  What single day in your life did you seize the most?  (for me it was 5/13/1990 when I had a depressed skull fracture and 4 grand mal seizuires but that's a different story!)

First let me say, "ouch" and please explain that in email to me or on your journal!

The day that I seized most would have to be my wedding day, so far.  I had a beautiful Catholic Church ceremony and mass, and my hubby and I wrote our own vows in addition to the regular ones.  They must have been good because on my wedding video you can see that they reduced my bridesmaids to tears!  We were thrown the most wonderful wedding reception by my parents (thanks mom, again, if you are reading this) and it was magical!  The party itself was great, the DJ phenomenal.  Family and friends raved for years after about it.  To this day, it was the best wedding I have ever attended and my hubby and I always say we wish we could have been "just guests" because as the center of attention you have so much to do!  lol  At our reception though, hubby and I grabbed a very special quiet moment after the Venetian table came out with all the pastries and special coffees and aperitifs.  We went into our private room and had our espresso served to us alone by our personal waitress (who served us all day, it was a nice touch).  It was really sweet and romantic and gave us a second wind to get out there and dance and party some more, since my dad paid for an extra hour of fun!!!  ;-D

Thanks for asking, it was a wonderful memory to revisit!



Comment from: jckfrstross, Deb, see link below
ok here goes my 2

1. Do you like living where you are?

Yes! I love Northern New Jersey, and being in the NYC Metropolitan area!  It has wonderful benefits.  Culturally, you cannot find another area that has the diversity and varied exposure to other races, religions, cultures, arts, languages or foods!  I love that!  I love that I can get just about anything and everything you could imagine within a 10 minute drive from my front door.  Without even going into NYC.  NJ is also quite lovely, you cannot tell that from landing at Newark Airport, but it really is great.  We have wonderful parks, farmlands and the best beaches on the Northeast coast!

Sorry, I rambled a bit!

2. If you could be anything what would it be?

You know, I probably should have asked you to clarify the question.  I am going to assume that you mean occupationally, if I am wrong, leave another message and I will redo this answer!

If I could be anything, I would still be a wife and mother, but I would also be a successfully published author.  With a fan base, clamoring for MORE!!!



More tomorrow!  Thanks everyone!

Be well,

PS> If anyone wonders why I always make sure that my font is big, well, it is for all the over 40 somethings that need reading glasses and are in denial, you know who you are...but mostly it is for the many fellow sufferers of RA and/or Lupus that read my journal.  Big font helps keep already fatigued eyes from getting more so!!!


fisherkristina said...

I would have loved to have been at your wedding!


lv2trnscrb said...

Your wedding sounds wonderful! thanks for answering the questions posed so eloquently.


jouell3935 said...

Hey... sorry I am late in coming....Here I go:
1. What would you say is your biggest strength? weakness?
2. Is there anything you wish you had said to someone, past or present? If given the chance would you now?
3. Who( or what) are you biggest influences in your life?

Not too bad eh?

swibirun said...

Great answers!  Let me know if the situation with squirrel tasting changes:)

Loved hearing about your wedding.  It sounds like a wonderful memory!


libragem007 said...

...ditto to Krissy's comments!
Gem :-)

frankandmary said...

for a person with so much crap going on, you seem to have a great heart that is capable of recovering over and over
i wish you well   your family is lucky