Monday, August 29, 2005

The Squirrel Saga Continues...

Yes, the squirrel saga continues.

My husband just spent about 20 minutes throwing wiffle balls, and other assorted toys at the squirrel as he leered at us.

The squirrel responded by chattering loudly and then digging at the side of our gutter, apparently determined to gain access back into the house!

At one point the squirrel went into the bushes in front of our windows and my hubby preceded to whack at it, ala the game "Whack a Mole".  Maybe you have seen this on a boardwalk, in an arcade or at the dreaded Chuck E Cheese establishment.

Let me just say, my hubby would NOT have won any tickets for prizes at the Chucksters prize counter.

The squirrel jumped back up to the gutter.  My bushes look bush "whacked".  Lovely.

The score seems to be even in the latest round of Humans vs. Squirrel.

The pictures show his jaunty, victorious look, don't they?

Come back tomorrow, the squirrel may have his own journal by that time.

Be well,


Ps... Our pest guy told us there were no babies in the attic for those concerned.  If it keeps up, we will recheck.


cneinhorn said...

damn squirrels!  ;-)


klconard1 said...

Could this squirrel have a nest of babies up there  in the house and that is why it's so determined to get back in?
loving you

swibirun said...

He looks evil!  Look at that possessed red eye!  Sleep lightly tonight, LOL.


jckfrstross said...

Lol what a squirrel. Hoping everything works out ok lol


sdoscher458 said...

LOL I feel your pain. I had two squirells who managed to find a way into my attic (crawlspace actually) we had a devil of a time getting rid of them. They actually chewed up some electrical wires shorting out my dinning room! Since this is lovely Florida I am now fighting with a Mama Opposum who thinks coming into my house from the backyard would be a good place for her babies! /Wildlife..yeeks!! Sandi

lv2trnscrb said...

Its kind of a cute little squirrel. Have you named him yet?


hadonfield78 said...

AWE..............   Thats a cute little squirl.

sunnysbrother said...

Vicious people picking on the poor squirrel, you belong in Caddy Shack.  I have access to C-4 that will definitely ease your worries.

Dwayne and Dude

tlgf1968 said...

OMG ...  "whack-a-mole" ... i almost forgot about that game!  i'm sorry i'm getting such enjoyment out of your saga ... hehe!!~  i can lend you my dog (technically now my ex's dog because i couldn't take him with me after the divorce).  he can vanquish your demon in seconds.  although, i'd miss the laughs ... the image of your hubby throwing wiffle balls and barbie dolls will be with me forever.  seize the day?  heck no ... seize the squirrel!  ((( best of luck, dawn )))


debbted said...

Hi there~I patiently await what words of wisdom your stalker squirel will deem to tell us!
Glad I stopped by via your comment in Rebecca's journal...I just finished reading a novel (Fault Lines by gee I'm too tied to recall author, but will tell you later) where a dog, named Curtis, obeyed every command followed by the words "Carpe Diem". I knew I had heard that somewhere; had to be J-Land of course! Blessings, Sassy ;-)

thebaabee said...

You are too funny.  Love bunches LuAnne

jouell3935 said...

LOL!!!!!! We did a similar little game with the squirrels in our neighborhood! We keep saying its a conspiracy or they are mini They keep getting into the birdfeeder the gutters...Hubby chased one down the fence...then the squirrel turned on him to chase him! It was quite humorous for 6 am!!!

vagabondevermore said...

Buy the squirrel feed.  Thanks for your kind words in my journal.  I enjoy reading yours.