Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mystic Mini Vacation

We just returned on Tuesday from Mystic, Connecticut! 

Mystic has a historic Seaport on the Mystic River which is really cool.  We did see some of the Seaport but we actually spent more time at other attractions.

First, we went to the Navy Submarine Base at Groton.  You can't get onto the actual base since 9/11 but they have a museum of submarine history and the decommissioned sub the Nautilus for you to tour.  The Nautilus was the first Navy sub powered by nuclear energy.  There were active Sailors in the museum answering questions and that was great.  The one sailor we spent quite a bit of time with.  He was quite surprised at how knowledgeable Hammer is about submarines and nuclear energy.  It was really a great experience.

On Hammer's actual 13th birthday, we did what he wanted and the reason for our trip.  The Mystic Aquarium!!!  It was great!  We all got to pet a manta ray which was cool!  They are very slimy feeling and soft.

They are most known for their Beluga whales and they were quite spectacular!  I was able to take some wonderful pics as you can see!  The penguin exhibit is also one of the best around. 

Afterward, we shopped in Olde Mystic Village!  Great stuff!  Quaint little shops full of wonderful crafts and other unique items!  I went wild in the Christmas shop and cannot wait to pass on the goodies at the holidays!

We stayed at the Mystic Marriott and swam each night in their wonderful pool and I got to lounge in the jacuzzi.  Very nice!

That's you know where I have been.  Later I will update you about my scary day yesterday... but enough for now!

Be well,



lv2trnscrb said...

What a wonderful trip; seems like a fantastic adventure for Hammer's 13th birthday.


fisherkristina said...

Oh you lucky ducky!  Looks like you had a great trip!


jckfrstross said...

Oh how much fun was that :) glad he had a great 13th birthday(hammer)



thebaabee said...

Happy Birthday to Hammer!!

I am so happy you had a great trip.  Love Lu