Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Moving on - Question Me!!!!

The squirrel is still about.  He really wants in.  He eats well at two neighbors who put out squirrel feed, he just wants to sleep by us.  Ugh.

Now, moving on... I want to try something I have seen on other journals.  I am going to tweak it a little bit though.

Question me! 

Post comments to this entry asking me any 2 (two) questions you would like me to answer!  They can be as thought provoking, frivolous or personal as you would like to get.  I will try to answer them all.  Be mindful of TOS, though, I do not want to get in trouble!!!

So, fire away!!  This should be lots of fun!  Others have done this with three questions each, but I limited it because of my RA and my hands get tired typing, so two questions should be good! 

I will start answering questions in the order received, tomorrow!!!

Go, shoot, let me have it...c'mon, you know you want to ask it!!!

Be well,



swibirun said...

1)  What does squirrel taste like?

2)  What single day in your life did you seize the most?  (for me it was 5/13/1990 when I had a depressed skull fracture and 4 grand mal seizuires but that's a different story!)


jckfrstross said...

ok here goes my 2

1. Do you like living where you are?

2. If you could be anything what would it be?


lv2trnscrb said...

Everyone took all the good questions, already, LOL. But here it goes:

1.  What's your favorite day of the week and why?

2.  What is the best book you ever read and why?

looking forward to reading your answers.


vagabondevermore said...

Who is your greatest hero of all times?

What was your childhood like?


hadonfield78 said...

1)  If your the Princess now, when will you be the Queen ??

2)  Do you wear the Princess Tiara to bed ??

jouell3935 said...

I am coming! I am coming with the questions...I swear!

sbrlzc said...

Ok... I'll play.

1) What is your favorite food and why?

2) What's the farthest you have ever been from home? (Where did you go?)