Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another ABC Meme - YAY!

And Another ABC Meme, I got it from Cin, but she is private so I can't link you all there!

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Worse movie ever or fun?
Great fun!  Haven't watched it in years.... now I know what I will do this weekend!

Blue food. Name three blue foods that you enjoy.
Blue corn chips, blue m & m 's and blue icees.

Cleaning. Do you do a "spring cleaning" around your house?
Bwaaaaaa Nah... just do what I can with my mom's help!

Driving during snow/ice storms. Do you do it?
If there is a need to do so.  I am not afraid of driving in any condition.  Snow is actually fun... One time I drove down the Garden State Parkway in a blizzard to pick up Kathy and then return home so she would be here to party for a weekend.  LOL  Her Firebird was useless in the snow, my little 4 cylinder front wheel drive Turismo hatchback was great!

Edible panties. Ever worn them? Ever licked them off of someone?
I cannot answer this on the grounds that - my kids read this journal!  lol

Flip flops or sandals?
I like both, and only wear Merrells now that my feet are old and I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Games. What were your favorite games to play when you were a child?
We played a lot of kickball, jumping rope, hopscotch and tag in my neighborhood.  I loved kickball, still do!

Headline. What is the headline in your local newspaper today?

NJ Transit Derailment No Cause Yet Found

In fashion. Would your friends and family put you on the What Not to Wear show?
Probably. I go for comfort, not fashion

Junk food. What was the last couple of junk food items that you enjoyed?
I had Kettle Cooked Lays Potato Chips on Tuesday night.

Kid dreams. What did you want to be when you grew up? Do you think that kid that you were would approve of how you are living now?
I wanted to be a doctor and a physicist.  Yes, I think that child would be thrilled.  As a mom, I administer to ills and traumas everyday.  And, I have a son who has read physics texts far over my head since the age of 8, so, it was all meant to be. :-D

Lunch. What are you having (or did you have) for lunch today?
I had coffee and 2 slices of american cheese.

Mayonnaise. Do you have a preference?
The one, the only, Hellman's.  Although, I do not put it on sandwiches, just use it in egg salad and tuna salad. 

Near-death experience. Ever been in an accident that you really should not have been able to live through?
No.  Thank goodness.

Olfactory. What scents do you wear and/or keep around your home?
Fuzzy is allergic to most perfumes, so I usually only wear a coconut body spray that doesn't bother him, from Bed Bath and Body Works.  I like vanilla and cinnamon scents around the house.

Personal Assistant. What would you have this person do for you?
Clean my house, of course, and cook sometimes, and that's about it!  lol

Questions. When you are meeting people for the first time, what question do you wish they would not ask?
"Is it a day off of school today?"  Usually, because I have Hammer with me, this question comes up, and then he or I answer that he is homeschooled, and then starts that whole conversation.  And, the weird looks.  Around here, I am considered a bit of a kooky rebel for doing such a thing. 

Reading. Name the book you last finished.
Gone for Soldiers by Jeff Shaara, about the Mexican American war in 1847.  It was excellent, as all his books are, but this one is particularly significant because so many of the character end up opposed against each other in the next book of the Civil War.  (all based in fact)

Sites. What are a couple of websites that you have bookmarked?
I have so many under so many folders it would make your head spin!  So how about I just tell you the folder labels.  I have 'journals', 'shopping', 'homeschool', 'book writing' and 'general'.

Triathlon. If you were in a triathlon (which usually consists of bicycling, swimming and running), what would you want the "sports" to be?
Why Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll, of course!  LOL  I like Cin's answers, but mine would be Coffee Drinking, writing, and raising kids!

Umbrella. Do you use one?
I actually had this on my ABC meme.  I don't have one right now, and I hate to use them!  (I do hate rain more though, go figure)

Vintage. What are some of the oldest things in your house/attic/garage?
My parents?  Bwaaa haaa I crack myself up.  But seriously folks, probably some of the antiques I have.  I have some 100 year old china and crystal, I suppose that would be the oldest.  Most of the furniture I have is depression era.

Winter. Tell me something to like about it.
I love winter!  I love snow!  Snow is magical... the way it transforms your landscape overnight... <sigh>.

XYZ Affair. Do you like French food?
I love crepes, quiche, and most traditional french cuisine, not nouvelle.  Love their cheese and wine, too.  Yum.

Yesterday. What was your biggest accomplishment(s) yesterday?
Getting out of bed before noon and showering according to my Hubby, who is so asking for me to kick his ASS!!!   Anyhow, I wrote about another 500 words in my book late last night, which was today, but before I went to bed, so it counts as yesterday.  Great logic, huh?

Ziti, rice or potato? Fried potatoes, grits or toast? And which do you drink more of: coffee or tea?
Ziti.  Fried potatoes, and coffee all the WAY!!!!  WOOOOHOOOO!

I am done... now you must do it!

be well,



monponsett said...

Did you name your kid "Hammer?"

That's tremendous.

libragem007 said...

Once again, I'm back to enjoy more of your meme's. hmnn..I really should do/post/answer one LOL!
Gem :-)

tenyearnap said...

Ooh, I forgot abut French cheese...yeah! But you keep that Hellmann's over on your side of the meme :-) Cin

mrsm711 said...

This one is do-able for me.  Interesting ?'s  I love your answers.  I wear vanilla body spray.  Everyone comments on it.  I think why, but it must be good!  :)     Tracy

dcmeyer420 said...

Nice holdout on the edible panties question. LOL. I thought about homeschooling my kids after I got disillusioned with the public schools in our area. I was scared so I sent them to private school. Hugs to you and your family.

toonguykc said...

I LOVE "What Not To Wear", except when the person gets the hair and makeup done and they still look like crap.  I get sad.  And then I don't watch it for a month or so.  :(  Having said that -- everyone I know would want me to be on this show and I'd be one of those crap-looking people.


sunnyside46 said...

well, you are a tougher woman than I am... I have to make myself drive in the rain.
I especially love the triathalon of Sex Drugs and Rock n roll.