Thursday, February 1, 2007

CarnivAOL Call

Time for CarnivAOL submissions!  Check out the site CarnivAOL !

Everything you need to know is there.  You don't need a 'special' entry or a 'creative' or 'artsy' entry... just any journal entry of yours, old or new, that you want to share!  People will come and read your journal!  And, that is GOOD!

As you can see football fever is starting to set in here!  I will be doing an entry about Superbowls past and present sometime this weekend.

Did anyone see Grey's Anatomy tonight, Thursday night?  Wow.  I really related to it... Poor Meredith.  I think that both my parents are disappointed in me in much the same way.  I turned out so 'ordinary' (as Meredith's mom lamented to her), and I don't think they are very satisfied with that.  I know they love me, and are 'happy I am happy'... but, I don't think 'they' are happy.  If that makes any sense... well, it does to me.

However, it is my life, and I feel that I am where I needed to be!  Even if my book never gets published, even if this is totally 'it' for me.  I am happy and satisfied.  If all I ever am is a great mom to my kids, and a good wife to my Hubby, I really am okay with that!  So many kids don't get parents who give them their all, and I know that my kids do get that from me, and their dad. 

Any how... Colts or Bears?  Who are you rooting for?  Either?  Neither?  Whatever wins you money in the football pool? 

be well,


lindaggeorge said...

Just had my first coffee of the day!

There you go again Dawn, that's not football, it's a bit like our Rugby but with the players wearing fancy dress. lol. Proper football, which you call Soccer is, the game I follow.

I too was a disappointment to my parents.

Linda x.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Dawn, I always thought my parents were disappointed that I never finished college or took an interest in it.  My dad would be close to 90 and had a college degree.  He worked two jobs to put himself through college in a time when most didn't finish high school.  As the years went by, I think my role as a mom meant more, at least to my dad.  It's not easy being a wonderful mom so be proud.  Rooting for the Colts because of Tony Dunge but think the Bears will win.  HUGS  Chris

eternallife23 said...

BTW...I rather the Dolphins but that did not happen so I guess the Bears. lol

eternallife23 said...

I saw the show last night, I am hooked on it. It was very heart tugging. My mother in law died of Alzheimers and it is a horrible disease. As far as my parents not being happy....I think they are happy as too who I have become in life as a mother, daughter and human being. Yes I think my dad especially would have loved if I had finished and gotten my degree but oh well it did not happen.
Take Care,

klconard1 said...

My parents also wanted me to 'shine' at something special.  For many years, that stung my heart.  My parents are both passed on, my mom since I was fifteen.  I am learning to shine at being the best me I can be, not for them, but for myself and the Lord.
Oh -- almost forgot -- sent PLittle a submission lol.
loving you

tenyearnap said...

Okay, I sent one from ToonBoyLex's journal. And we'll be glued to the TV on Sunday, too. Have a great Stupor Bowl!--Cin

wfhbear said...

I don't think anyone is "ordinary". We each posess certain quailities that make us unique. As far as the expectations of other, especially parents, I sure disappointed my folks. They wanted me to be a Doctor and I became a Cop. Regards, Bill.

wfhbear said...

I'm rooting for the Colts.  Not because I like Manning but I do like Tony Dungee and I think he deserves something really nice to happen.  Of course, since none of the teams I like are playing, I'm waiting for the commercials.


rebuketheworld said...

Your kids are sooooooooo lucky to have you and their father!!!! I remember just a few stories from my friends who had great childhoods. It was like another language and I had wished I knew that. Life sucks and when you get those good grounding years as kids, 18 years old is about moving forward and not backwards. So many adults spend the second half of their lifes, going backwards, searching, discovering another person that could get them through the analysis of their youth and finding the truth and throwing out the lies in it. If they can only have a few years to get through some mishaps even in that, they are incredibly lucky. My kids will have some kinks but nothing like what I had. ~Raven