Friday, February 23, 2007

Color Pyramid of Things UC While at your Computer!

I got this fun meme from Cin over at Bad Altitude.  She has a private journal that I am privileged to visit!   Enjoy!

Things You See While at Your Computer - Color Pyramid

Name 6 red things that you see from where you sit.

1.    Red Delicious apples in a basket.
2.    The Ghostbusters symbol on the dvd movie cover.
3.    The red box of Diamond Crystal kosher salt.
4.    A red silicone oven mitt.
5.    The red nozzle for hot water on our water cooler.
6.    A refrigerator magnet in red from our drug store.

Name 5 blue things you see from where you sit.

1.    The blue nozzle on the water cooler for cold water.
2.    The blue magnet man on the refrigerator.
3.    The blue label on a typing cd that Hammer uses for school.
4.    The blue glow in the water chamber of my Keurig Coffee maker.
5.    The blue US Navy shirt that Fuzzy is wearing.

Name 4 green things you see from where you sit.

1.    The light green olive oil in the bottle of Colavita near the stove.
2.    The label on my Green Mountain Coffee K-cups.
3.    The kitchen towel.
4.    The tissue box.

Name 3 yellow things you see from where you sit.

1.    The kitchen counter. (oh yes, 1970's chic)
2.    The yellow 'How to read a label for a peanut allergy' magnet.
3.    The yellow shirt on a green 'Senor Frog's' magnet from Puerto Rico.

Name 2 purple things you see from where you sit.

1.    The purple grapes on the bread box.
2.    The purple lid of a Sharpie marker.

Name 1 black thing you see from where you sit.

1.    The black front to the dishwasher.

Come play along!

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stansgirl2004 said...

That was cool I'm gonna do it too Btw you have a lot of magnets LOL

luddie343 said...

Very colorful atmosphere.  All that right in front of you?  How is your computer set-up?!  Are we allowed to turn our heads?  Cause if I tried to answer that based on what's directly in front of me, it would be a table and a wall with an antique papyrus in a frame.  No colors!  Now if I looked all around me, I'd find the whole spectrum lol!  xoxo

jckfrstross said...

very nice and colorful things you see:)


mrsm711 said...

Cute!  I actually did one and it was fun.  Thanks for sharing this.  :)
Here is the link to mine:  

toonguykc said...

I'm psychic because I somehow knew you were in or near your kitchen when making this entry!  ;)


tenyearnap said...

Much more interesting than my bedroom! Oh and I had the 70s orange counters in my last house and loved it. I put in black appliances and Halloween decorations (kept them up all year).--Cin

sunnyside46 said...

There are the most interesting combinations of items in the foyer where I sit.
For instance, by the door, there is a baseball bat, a pair of handweights and a fire extinguisher.
I dont' know who we are expecting!