Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Apparently, that is all I am good for these days.

My hubby has taken to telling me repeatedly how disappointed he is in me over the last few days.

'You are old before your time.'

'You sound like an old lady.'

'You are turning into a hermit.'

'You sleep too much.'

'You never want to...'

Must be nice to be so 'perfect'. 

Must be nice to bounce back so easily from being sick.

Must be nice to feel well enough to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Must be nice to only get 'tired' some days, and not have 'fatigue'.

Must be nice to not have the weather affect your disease, oh wait, that's right, you don't have one.

Must be nice to think you saying these things doesn't cut me like a knife each time.

Must be nice.

I could use some prayers... thanks.

be well,



dcmeyer420 said...

Sending you tons of hugs and prayers. I hope you feel better soon and that you'll have gobs and gobs of good days.

stansgirl2004 said...

Men can be such jerks my prayers are with you
~ Marina

pharmolo said...

That is not just a disappointment, Dawn, that's being abusive and inconsiderate. I'd read him the riot act. Doesn't it say "for better for WORSE"?? He'd better remember that. You are better than that, Dawn. A heck of a lot better.

randlprysock said...

My man has been a pain in the ... lately too.  Prayers said.

mumma4evr said...

stoopid men...think with their you know whats....hugs

candlejmr said...

Since I am a bitch, my response would have to be something about HIM that pisses me off.  "Too bad you are a pompous asshole."  "Too bad you are so lazy."  Or my personal favorite...."At least I have a disease...what's YOUR excuse??"  People who say mean, insensitive things really piss me off.  Don't allow him to keep doing it.   Put a stop to it now...or it will only get worse.  You have a disease.  You have nothing to be ashamed of and you are NOT a disappointment.  

((hugs)) and love,

ukgal36 said...

Must be nice to have him for a husband..NOT! Tell him to go talk to the mirror...grrr..is it a full moon or something? All the men seem to have their period....

tendernoggle said...

I don't know your husband, so please don't think I am  judging him only...., but a lot of people are only aware of their own feelings and discomfort...and not very aware of that of others...then again he may be worried about you and do not know how to say it correctly....Either way, you know how you truly feel...and God does too. :-)
love ya,

coelha said...

(((Dawn))))  Sometimes we say things we don't really mean--don't take it to heart too much.  Men are just babies.  Women are the stronger sex---and it sucks royally sometimes; but it's true.    Hugs to you--  Julie

klconard1 said...

((((((((Dawn)))))))) dear I am sorry.  When a spouse seems to be expressing disappointment, it does indeed cut deep.  Especially when the complaint is something over which you have no control.  Is it possible that this is his (albeit majorly insensitive) way of expressing concern rather than disappointment?
I am praying for you, dear.  And for your DH.
loving you

eml625 said...

Oh sweety, men can really suck at times ! I'm sorry your upset like this.
You always have j-land for support ! You need me, just holla !
love ya

tenyearnap said...

Ah ((((Dawn)))), I wish everyone could walk in your shoes (and try to open shampoo bottles with your fingers) for even a day. I'll be glad when winter is over and the weather is treating you better.--Cin

toonguykc said...

Do I need to kick his ass??!! Just say the word.  I've got a 6'6", 320+ pound Mexican to back me up.  Grrr.  What an ass he is to say those things!!  

Perhaps a Princess Dawn cartoon would make you feel better.  It's less than an hour away!!


rdautumnsage said...

What I'm hearing is as Guido said the definition of abuse. Emotional abuse is no laughing matter either. Tell you what I'll loan you my braces for my wrist, they have a nice metal bar that runs through them. Then you can act like an Italian princess and knock him up one in the back of the head. Don't take this from him hon, not only is it cruel but unnecessarily so. There is no excuse for this behavior. Your his wife, not his sounding board for whatever he feels like taking out on you.
Better yet, let me at him Grrrrrrr.............I don't like men who talk that way to their wives. (Hugs) Hang in there hon. Love Ya Indigo

rebuketheworld said...

Chronic fatique would wipe out Goliath let alone anyone else. I am amazed that you can even find the energy, or have the drive without the energy, to post entries in a journal.  It must be soooo hard to feel you have to be in a defensive position to validate your daily agony. Its like adding fuel to a fire that you never should had known. ~Raven

thebaabee said...

My Dear Dawn,
I am so so sorry you are hurting because of his remarks.   More in an email.  Hugs, Lu

ksgal3133 said...

I am so sorry...so many hugs and prayers heading your way.


helmswondermom said...

Sounds like he needs an attitude adjustment!  Take care!

lurkynat said...

so sorry Dawn!\Hang in there!

gazker said...

One thing for it my Dear! Tell him to go take a jump!!!
G xx

sunnyside46 said...

surely he doesn't realise how inconsiderate he sounds.

donejustwrite said...

Men = brats

(except for Sam & Rob.  And Hadon.  and..)

Ok, ok.  Let me change this to:
Men married to women named Dawn = Brats.