Thursday, February 8, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Thankful things...

1.     Orencia, the IV medicine for my rheumatoid arthritis!  My joints are much calmer (not as swollen or sore) now that the medicine in on board!

2.     Pumpkin's unbridled joy at turning 10!  Remember greeting your birthday like that?  So excited and happy that you were just about jumping up and down all day long???

3.     My family's love and understanding about the limits I have due to my RA, and for always being as helpful as can be!

4.     My Hubby for taking off all day tomorrow to help me with preparation for Pumpkin's party, and then with the actual after school portion of the party at the bowling alley!

5.     That fate spared my dear Libby from ill effects after eating 6 packages of hot cocoa mix that she stole from the counter top.  Other than throwing up the foil packets and some nasty gas, she was just fine. 


Last night, while Pumpkin, the boys, and Hubby were at Scouts I had about an hour to myself.  It was really nice.  I just read a bunch of journals and played some Poppit!  Fun!

My Aunt Deb and Uncle Ed came to dinner at the Longhorn with us for Pumpkin's birthday!  And, of course, my Aunt Deb's dad, George!  It was George's first dinner out since his hip replacement two weeks ago!  He is doing fantastic!  No pain and great mobility!  The physical therapists and surgeon are thrilled!  He is NOT your typical 83 year old man by a long shot!

A new Survivor show starts tonight!  I heard Jeff Probst in a radio interview and he said that this setting is very hard on the contestants.  I think that makes a better show to watch, so, I am looking forward to it.

Hammer just asked me if I knew that when quarks are pulled apart from each other at the subatomic level that the gravitational force between them actually increases? 

No, I can honestly say, I did NOT know that.

However, having a son totally into physics for the last 5 years, I did know enough to say, 'No, I didn't, but I do know that subatomic particles often don't behave the way one would expect them to behave.'  He agreed.  Makes me sound smarter than I am!  lol

Yep, sometimes I feel like an ape next to my dear Hammer on the evolutionary scale! 

be well,

ps.  Still freaking cold here too!  Hasn't been above the mid twenties... and has mostly been in the teens or lower!  Brrrrr!



tenyearnap said...

I love it when my little kid tells me things that boggle my mind. These kids are way cool. And so is Orencia!! What a wonderful medication.
Oh Libby, you naughty girl! Glad she isn't sensitive to chocolate like some dogs are. I had a Lab who could eat a whole chocolate Easter Bunny with no ill effects. That was before I knew that chocolate can kill a dog. Whew! Labs have tummies of iron. (Thankfully)--Cin

sdoscher458 said...

Glad you are feeling better, the miserable cold weather can't help with the joints. I love your monkies....thanks for your comments on my journal, I have to get back into writing more I know...just have been really busy....take care...stay warm...Sandi

jckfrstross said...

stay warm:)


klconard1 said...

I am sooooooooooo glad you are feeling better dear!  Quarks --- lol --- I haven't yet figured out how I expect subatomic particles to behave.  I am still working on my expectations for the things I can see and feel lol!
loving you

coelha said...

Oh yes, it's Thankful Thursday again!  :)  So glad you feeling better..  And your uncle and his new hip!  Isn't it amazing?!  I know my mother with the new hip, has been eyeing those heels of hers already--must go shopping with her for some new low heeled shoes.  Have fun with the girls tomorrow!  It will be fun--keep telling yourself that..ok? :)  Julie  

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn
hugs! :):)
Ah! I'm so glad that Pumpkin's birthday worked out so nicely!:)
and yes I think it is really cool that Libby is okay and that you guys had such a great time!

luddie343 said...

A very upbeat post from my fellow Jerseyan!  And I'm SO glad you're taking Orencia, this is a compound which has completely changed the lives of many with RA.  It's expensive and it has side effects but if your liver is healthy, all else is pretty negligible.  Keep us posted!  xoxo

ksgal3133 said...

Great thankful Thursday :)
I'm glad you IV meds are working!
You have quite a kid in Hammer! lol there is no way I would have known what he was talking about.


randlprysock said...

Now that sounds like the perfect answer to the son's physics questions.  I would be completely, hopelessly, utterly lost and unimaginative on that subject.  Hugs and have a good weekend,

rebuketheworld said...

Glad to hear the medicine is helping. Very glad to hear that. I know its not some magical wand and all things are better. I am hoping there is a window for much more for your pain.

I cant believe Libby downed 6 packages of hot cocoa,lol. That must have been a yuck output to deal with,lol. ~Raven

cacklinrosie101 said...

ROFL, Dawn, your Pumpkin sounds like my Becky always has.  Becky is now pursuing a Ph.d in microbiology so I see a great future ahead for Pumpkin.  Now, I continually need to remind Becky to speak in layman's terms.  Of course, my other two and I have to laugh when she's not around.  

When she was an undergrad, she carried around the oddest things...slides, gel; all that stuff and was continually taking swabs of things from all around the house and pool.  Wonder who will have the last laugh in this deal???  Any  HUGS  Chris

nana0014 said...

Hello I'm new here Gretchen sent me over through her journal. Those look like some wonderful things to be thankful for. I told Gretchen that I need to start doing this. I think we all need to be thankful all year round.
Take care, Chrissie