Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thankful Thursday

It is that time again!  CarnivAOL™ time!  And, since I didn't bug you all to put in an entry, it is a short, but sweet, edition.

Go check it out, now.  I'll wait.


Gretchen, at Living in Savannah 2 has up her Thankful Thursday and so, I humbly follow suit. 

(and, I am putting a blogplug to Journals Editor Joe)

1.    Coffee.  I know, I am thanking this to death, but in my life, it just isn't enough, trust me! 

2     Modern Medicine.  It has slowed the mucus down for all of us, otherwise, we may have drowned.  Seriously. 

3.     Educational TV Channels.  Discovery, The Learning Channel, The History Channel, History International, Animal Planet, Science Discovery, National Geographic Channel and the others I am forgetting are all wonderful gifts if you remember to use them!  My kids loooooove these channels, sparked by their parents love of them, I am sure. 

Fuzzy is home sick, and he and Hammer are watching 'Hollywood Science' which is exploring the Bond cars and what may come to be in reality.  Cool.

4.     Roget's SUPER Thesaurus.  I ordered this last week to help me with my novel writing.  It rocks.  The best thesaurus I have ever used.  Really.  All you writers out there should get one.

5.     My kids.  They are funny, smart, loving and silly, everything kids should be!  The Batmobile is going to be highlighted next and they know that I love  Batman!  I just watched it, and remembered how I loved the Batman tv show!  Honestly, I still love Batman!


  Now, the boys were just discussing how the Nutrisystem and all weight loss commercials usually show girls in bikinis because that is all men want to see on tv. 

I guess at 14 1/2 and almost 12 they don't want to see girls in bikinis all the time!  However, they seem to have decided that sometimes it is just fine!  LOL

I kept Fuzzy home today because he had a bad night of coughing and lost quite a bit of sleep.  He will be good to go for tomorrow, I think. 

I can't wait until this plague completely leaves the house!  Maybe this weekend?  Keep us in your prayers!

be well,


lurkynat said...

great list Dawn! and great graphics! have awonderful day! I love you

lindaggeorge said...

Today is the first day I haven't felt frozen for three weeks and I've had doors and windows open (with the heating on) because I just need fresh air to help recover. I get something horrid every year at about this time but this is the worst in decades!!

Get well soon, all of you.

Linda x.

libragem007 said...

Wonderful wonderful weather here today! I am very thankful for that on top of lots of other things and other people that has come and gone in my life.
The ones who's still here are the ones God knows I needed to keep me going.
I'm thankful for Jland and thankful that I met you through our journals.
Gem :-)

tenyearnap said...

Ooh, Batman is my favorite super guy because he is such a bad ass. Glad your mucous flow is slowing.--Cin

toonguykc said...

I promised myself I'd never care about Batman again after that one sequel where Alicia Silverstone played Batgirl.  That was it for me!!  


ksgal3133 said...

Great 5...thanks for mentioning me :)
I hope that all of you start to feel better very soon!

Sending you prayers and hugs,