Friday, February 16, 2007

Arrggghhhhhh Adrenaline Burst!!!

You know that feeling you get when the phone rings late at night.... or even worse the door bell rings?

You know that heart pounding adrenaline release as you panic until you know what is going on?

Well, let me digress for a minute.

I have mentioned my nicotine addicted Mom who can't just quietly shoot up in the bathroom, right?

No, we are all so happy and proud , (really, we are), that she no longer smokes in the house, and it has drastically cut down on her smoking.

Of course, this requires her sneaking out quietly for the last cig of the night...

All good right? 


Enter into evidence, me finally getting 2 sick kids to sleep at about 9:15pm. 

Psychotic yellow lab does her usual freak out of barking at 9:30pm because Hubby  (her daddy), isn't home, and SHE is the alpha dog who must now protect me from every car that drives by.

Then, a very tired Dad (grandpa to dog and kids), comes downstairs to settle down insanely barking dog.

At 9:45pm Dad retreats, dog now asleep at my feet, while I finish off a good book.

10:29pm Apparently, Mom has quietly crept outside to do the dirty deed.

10:30pm I get up to check journals and decide rather than take half a pain pill I would drink 1 Corona Light beer, should help me relax and fall asleep with cold medicine already on board. 

Dog sleeping and snoring in family room....


(we have one of those doorbells with the actual hanging brass pipes...)


Dog goes bezerk and my heart is now in my chest, I run toward door and get to living room and foyer find door OPEN, and then see my Mom, cigarette in hand, whispering (no point of that really), 'Ooops I leaned on the door bell!' 

I grab the brass hangy chime things to stop the residual bonging sound...


My buzz.  Gone.  My quiet sleeping insane psychotic yellow lab? Gone.

So, let dog out, she barks and howls and barks some more.  I have to now calm her down with food. 

And, again, did I mention, my nice sleepy buzz is gone???

Replaced with heart pounding ADRENALINE!!!!  NOT CONDUCIVE TO SLEEP????!!!!!

So, I am reading emails and journals.

'Til tomorrow...

be well,

ps... I hope I made you chuckle! ;-D


nightmaremom said...

OMG!!!  I know that feeling that not so good sound late at night... I had that happen to me and it was the dog upstairs.....  Sorry but I laughed even tho I know it isn't funny......... hopefully another beer will get you sleepy

toonguykc said...

You made the mistake of only having ONE Corona.  Next time try works for me.  ;)  


jckfrstross said...

LOL too funny:) hope you can get some sleep


eml625 said...

Dawn,  I HATE that feeling. It happened the other morning, before SIX AM the school (pre-recorded message) called saying there is a delay opening ! I about leaped out of my bed!
Thanks for being there for me recently. It means alot.

ksgal3133 said...

lol oh my! I really shouldn't be laughing but this is something that would happen at my house! I hope you got some sleep.


nana0014 said...

Ooops!!! she said. Cute story thanks for sharing.
Take care, Chrissie

randlprysock said...

That sounds like something I would do!!! LOL!!!!  Happy weekend!

cacklinrosie101 said...

Chucke?  More like belly laughing.  LOL...I'm so much like your mom that it isn't funny.  Definitely, this would be in my book of tricks.  Thanks for the laugh!  HUGS  Chris

klconard1 said...

OOOOOOOOOPS is right lol.  I do hope you got quieted and sleepy again dear.
loving you

pharmolo said...

Well Dawn, that was some evening, and it did make me smile

justplainbill said...

<<<I hope I made you chuckle!>>>

Yes I did. I have a beer every night to 10 PM and it sure does help me sleep. I am an addicted smoker and have a dog.
Have locked myself out of the house numerous times. Wife not too hapy with me but I tell her at least I am not smoking in the house any more exxcept in the upstairs bathroom when I have just sit there and wait for results.
Take a nap and have a good weekend. Bill

tenyearnap said...

Oh Dawn, you poor thing. But I am still laughing. You painted a hilarious picture here.--Cin

mrsm711 said...

OMG, I have the adrenaline thing too.  I can' t rest until all is settled in the house.  The way you described this is like I was there.  My heart is pounsding just thinking about it.  LOL :)    Tracy

psychfun said...

Oh God that is like when I'm in a dead sleep & Country wails on Dusty & I bolt from  straight up! My heart is pounding so hard! Dusty is yelping so bad.

helmswondermom said...

Funny!  Poor you!  I hate when I lose that nice sleepy buzz.

donejustwrite said...

You definitely made me chuckle!  Guess we were both night owls that same night, weren't we?

knightbek said...

haha  This really is too funny.

Bill, the Wildcat

bhbner2him said...

Oh, yeah!  I got a laugh.  ;o)  -  Barbara

sunnyside46 said...

Just let me try to sleep and the whole world goes beserk around here, so i know how you feel.