Monday, February 5, 2007

Brrrr 17 Degrees, and No snow...

I am with these sweet puppies... too cold for me to go out of the house at all!

I actually wouldn't mind this arctic blast as much if we had already gotten a good snow fall... but we haven't!

Kind of a tease, if you know what I mean.  :(

Although I am dressed right now, this picture shows what I will be doing later, in my jammies in front of the television.

Yes, Libby and I will snuggle together, me under a blankie, on our favorite chair!  Nothing like the body of a 95 lb. yellow lab to help keep you warm!

Here is Libby snoozing alone...

Doesn't she just have the sweetest face?  She usually curls up by my feet, but every once in while she lays next to me and rotates onto her back... so funny and human like!

The dog snores like a freight train, too!  Hubby and I have laughed about having to turn up the tv volume over her snores!

Today my Dad is off from work.  He wanted to sleep in after the SuperBowl.  He gets up at 4 am to go to work, so he usually goes to bed before the game is over.  This year he wanted to enjoy it.

Dad is also baking his famous cookies for Pumpkin to bring to school on Wednesday for her birthday.  Is there anything special about his cookies you ask?  No, they are from a package, but because he made them it makes his granddaughter very happy!

Dad is also making homemade meat sauce for pasta tonight.  Yummy... I was 16 years old before I ever even tasted a bottled sauce.  There was none of that in my family!  lol

Tomorrow, is my IV infusion for my rheumatoid arthritis.  Don't worry about me getting cold in NYC though.  We leave the house from the garage, we park in the hospital garage, we walk through a bridge from one hospital building to the next, then back to the hospital garage and then back home to my garage!  I never have to step foot outdoors, and believe me, in this cold, I won't!


be well,


mrsm711 said...

Great Pics and Graphics.  Its frigid here too.  School was cancelled today.  Your  dad must bring alot of happiness to your home.  Lucky you!  :)     Tracy

cherry2sweet2eat said...

lol libby is a trip i can tell she likes being a couch potato.

coelha said...

I love Labs..  You are soo lucky to have one!  We had one when I was growing up.  He was a miniture white Lab, and his name was "Marco".  He was such a good dog..I loved those brown eyes-still miss 'em.  17 degrees?!  My God that is COLD!!!  Brrr... Gives me a chill just thinking about it!!  Julie :)

lindaggeorge said...

Love the pictures. We had a black lab and she was just the prettiest dog. We bought her for £5 from a farm. Her Mum was just a farm lab but her Dad came visiting and he was a pedigree. I borrowed a book from the library on how to train labs and found one of his great great grandfathers was photographed in it. He was called Midnight of Mansergh. I remembered this last week and looked him up on the Net. The Mansergh line were bred to exacting standards, one of them being their beautiful, large eyed, seal like faces. I can't argue with that. She used to like to lie with me but we also used to enjoy wrestling matches on the floor.

Linda x

tenyearnap said...

What a Love Hound! She is so adorable and looks like she can get comfy anywhere. Thanks for sharing the photos. Stay warm!--Cin

sangrialel said...

I love the pic of you and Libby!  I bet you keep really warm with her next to you!  Linda

thebaabee said...

I love seeing pics of you guys.  Your puppy dog is so adorable.  We have a black lab.  He's still only 10 months old and not as big as your Libby.  Our's is Wilson.

It's freezing here too.  I've been in my PJs all day.  Took a shower and got back into fresh comfy PJs.  I'm still fighting the bronchitis thing.  Too cold to go out.

Good luck tomorrow!  I can't wait for rituximab to be approved for Lupus.  Hugs and stay warm, Lu

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:) homemade cookies yummmmy:) hope the IV goes well tomorrow:) stay warm


eml625 said...

Your dog is adorable !!! Hope all goes well tomorrow!

donejustwrite said...

Dawn, hope all goes well w/the infusion.  I'll be thinking of you!  The pictures are adorable - I was wondering how you got Libby to snug with you, but in reading on I see that she just does it on her own.  Lucky you.  Can't get Ripken to snug with me, unless I don't want him to & then he's all over me.  Males!

rdautumnsage said...

Awww Libby is adorable. Pickles loves cuddling too. Being a working dog she isn't allowed on the couch, so more likely than not I sit on the floor next to her sharing a blanket LOL! We just got a brand new couch in Dec. too, I swear I spend more time on the floor than the couch (rolls eyes). It's now 11 degrees here. I'm in NY too upstate NY. It's suppose to go down to the 0 digits tonight. Ugh!! I hate being cold. Glad your going to be able to get your IV without having to go out in the cold exactly. (Hugs) Indigo

ksgal3133 said...

aww love your pics! There's nothing better than snuggling with your dog...well okay with the one you love anyway :)
Stay warm!!


cacklinrosie101 said...

Libby is precious! both have the same hair color.  I just adore labs.  They are the most loveable creatures.  My Grizzly is always snuggling.  Libby reminds me so much of Princess, Grizzly's sister, that we had to put to sleep years ago because of seizures.  She was the sweetest puppy in the world.

I meant to tell you that I'm so glad you got your treatment and it went well, and I love that Grandpa baked cookies for Pumpkin to take to school.

Keep warm....hope you get some snow with that chill...HUGS  Chris

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Hey you keep warm!
Libby is truly human like..I totally agree!
(we have a few dogs whoare like that here too!Lol!)