Saturday, February 3, 2007

ARRRGHHH!!! Kids gone wild!

Three maniacs are doing the worm on the kitchen floor as I type this.  OMG.  Fuzzy, Pumpkin and friend.

They are very scary!  We had a nice dinner with the 4 kids at Chili's.  Then, the girls went off to play alone.  Pumpkin's friend is leaving in 5 minutes at 8:30pm, so, Fuzzy had to get back in on the fun!

Now, they are army crawling without arms across the floor.  They are full of dog hair, because Libby was jumping all over them.  Ugh.

I had a nice day shopping with Mom today.  I got a few goodies for the house and so did she, a couple of bargains, too. 

I picked up a box of cookies.  Have you ever had David's Cookies, Chocolate Florentive Lace?  They are soooo yummy!  A lot of bakeries make the Lace cookies really well, too.

Now, the girls are doing the bump.

Someday, our basement will be finished and the kids won't take over the entire house... at least I hope not!  LOL

Hubby has been working on finishing our basement for just over a year now.  Well, he worked on it for 2 months last year, stopped for 10 months and restarted last month.  LOL

The floor is laid and the walls are all framed.  We just laid out all the outlets tonight.  Hubby is going to run the wiring for the electric tomorrow, early in the day.  Our friend, who does electrical, will come and do the connections to the box and to the outlets. 

Next, Hubby will install bi-fold doors to the unfinished part of the basement where the boiler/laundry area is located.  Then, we will lay out lighting receptacles and switches. 

THEN, sheetrock time!  Woo hoo... And, then dropped ceiling.  And, then sprucing up the bathroom down there.  And, then rug installation (this we will hire out) and THEN, painting and furnishing.   Yeah, we are a loooooong way from done, but it is taking shape slowly but surely!

The finished area will have a big tv/video game area, an air hockey or table tennis area, a crafting table, lots of shelves for games and craft supplies and a computer desk area.  I think Hubby said it is almost 700 square feet!  It will be about 2/3 of the total basement, and about 1/2 of our house area.

It will be a really nice multi-purpose room! 

Fuzzy and Hammer have been helping Hubby with the construction, too.  I used to love doing stuff like that with my dad.  :-D

Okay, Pumpkin's playdate has left... time for us all to watch some tivo tv together.

be well,

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eml625 said...

Ok- you went through my remodel, now lets see pictures of yours!!!
Enjoy the quiet night !

klconard1 said...

Congrats on the basement room progress!  It sounds like a really useful space is going to be there for your family!  I love having finished basement space here; I have my office/sewing room that is just my own room for doing whatever I want in there and don't have to share it with anyone.  Of course that is because our kids are no longer young and living here.  When our daughter moved out five years ago, I left her downstairs bedroom (with the big daylight window in it) just as she left it for six months.  I knew she was not moving back in but I still had some emotional pauses in taking the room and making it my own.  Eventually though I got past the empty nest feeling and I love having my own space there to write and sew and whatever!
loving you

coelha said...

I wish I had a basement!!!!  I could just keep the kids in there!!  :)  Julie

lindaggeorge said...

I wish I had a basement I could put my husband in. His snoring got me out of bed at 4.30 this morning. He's so loud I can hear him in the other bedrooms, yet when we have other people to stay you can't hear them talking when they are in the other rooms, so that shows how loud he is!

Linda x.

jckfrstross said...

enjoy your sunday:) can't wait to see pics of the basement


erarein63 said...

Oh I think your Hubby and mine are related.  We had an "office" we were working on at our house in OK for...4 years!  We never finished it and sold the house "as is".  Men!  Hope you enjoyed your Tivo time. De ;)

ksgal3133 said...

lol @ the worm and the bump!!

Your going to love your basement when it's finished :)


tenyearnap said...

Sounds like you had a fun time despite the noise. Kids are always amusing. Good luck on the basement project. Air hockey---whee!!!--Cin

cacklinrosie101 said...

Dawn, enjoy these times.  They are the best!  I remember my kids doing funny stuff like that when they were small.  They just grow up so fast.  Your basement room sounds wonderful.  You will get so much use out of when it's done.  Sounds beautiful.  HUGS  Chris

rebuketheworld said...

What a cool sounding room. I always wanted to have a little cove for myself in a house. Like at the end of a closent or something with a big fat cushy long seat and a window.  Have it all done up like a Gypsie with purple velvet curtains. Some place with thick walls, so I could really hear the quiet. This room your building, it will have so many memories. I love pool. I played that growing up. Foosball is fun too but so frustrating. I sound like a screaming teenager, every time I miss,lol. Do you think this will be done by summer? ~Raven

randlprysock said...

That is so awesome you are going to have a finished basement someday!!! YAY!!!  It sounds a lot like what we are hoping to do to ours sometime.  I like how you are planning a craft corner.  The girls sound like they are having a blast.  If you get a ping pong table I'll be over all the time.  Hugs,