Saturday, February 24, 2007

Memories from Back to the Future

Ah yes, life now, versus then...

Pumpkin is watching 'Back to the Future' with Michael J. Fox, on the ABC Family Channel.  The movie is billed as a 'classic' now.  Wow.

I have been lost within some memories of that time while cleaning some 'piles of stuff' in bedroom.

The movie came out July 3, 1985. 

Yes, I remember the exact date.  Why?  I was working at a movie theater then, and it was a huge hit.  The posters all had the date in big letters across the bottom.

At that time, the theater was a single screen family owned business.  An extinct concept now in this suburban area.

I worked there with my best friend/sister of my heart, Kathy.  She was also living with me and my family by then.

That summer was a blast.

All of us who worked there were in our early twenties or late teens.  There was a whole crowd of us who hung out, theater employees, and employees from the other stores in the strip mall where we were located.  Even the two managers that we had were friends and hung out with all of us.

I remember us standing around reciting the lines from 'Back to the Future' with the door open to auditorium, as a competition to see who could do it longest.

I remember deliberately ripping the corners of Reese's wrappers and yelling out to our manager (and friend), 'Whoops, spoilage' and then splitting them with Kathy and our other friend, LeeAnn.  Sometimes, Junior Mints or Nestle's Crunch had a horrible mishap instead.

I remember Kathy dropping the big, heavy, wooden door on her foot and breaking it.  Ouch.

I remember several of our parties after the theater closed and all the customers were gone.  That was the first time I ever went into a men's room and saw a urinal!  LOL  Ah, the mystery of no lines at men's rooms revealed!!!

I remember plugging in our curling irons after hours behind the candy stand to do our big 80's hair!  And, then re-doing our make-up for the evening as well!

I remember our wild after-hours Halloween party when I was a French Maid, and Kathy was a Playboy Bunny!  And, we went out to a club like that, too!  I even pictures of that somewhere, and no, I don't have a scanner!  Ha!

Conveniently, there was a Mexican restaurant and bar as a part of the strip mall.

I remember lots of nights at El Torito with a whole bunch of us having drinks and laughs. 

I remember several slightly buzzed friends melting drink straws over the candle flames and making straw animal scultures while we partied!

I remember one night where several people were challenged to 'eat the worm' in the bottle of Mezcal Tequila, and I remember at least one person doing it!  Ewwwww!  Not me!!! 

I remember going to the local diner at 2am, and all the 'interesting' people there while having an order of french fries with brown gravy!

I remember that carefree feeling of that time...

Nothing to do but have some fun with your friends...

And, wow, what stamina!  Youth is soooo wasted on the young!  What I could do with some of that now!  lol

Thanks for letting me walk down memory lane for a while!

be well,


sunnyside46 said...

sounds like a lot of fun.

mumma4evr said...

now I feel very very old!!!!

lindaggeorge said...

Although my head is still young my body is telling me my youth is gone. Oh for that magical Delorean to pop back in time and feel the freshness of youth again.

Linda x.

cacklinrosie101 said... you walk down memory lane, you are taking me.  I think I told you I also worked in a small homeowned theater.  There were two movie screens though because they added one.  This was a bit earlier than your work  What a blast we all had also.  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was a biggie...Paper Moon.  Dang, I can't even remember what all came out during that time.  Have a good weekend!  HUGS  Chris

tenyearnap said...

Thanks for taking us all with you. Great memories. Now, get out your digital camera and take photos OF your old photos and put them on your journal. Heh! You don't think you can taunt me with photos and then not deliver do you?
;-) Cin

coelha said...

1985 was definately a good year... :)  Ahh...memories..  :SIGH:  Isn't weird how we thought we KNEW about EVERYTHING back then?  Thanks for taking back---  Julie :)  

jckfrstross said...

what great memories:) have a good sunday:)


toonguykc said...

I was enjoying that stroll through the 80's with you right up to the "french fries with brown gravy" bit.  Seriously??  eeeesh!


randlprysock said...

Love that graphic!!  And I think I am stuck in the 80's forever.  I still wear big hair and would kill for time to use the curling iron every single day.  LOL.  Hugs,

lurkynat said...

ah cool!
I adore that movie! my kids love the first 2 the most!

eml625 said...

Ahh, the 80's !! I had similar memories of our local movie theater. Although I didnt work there . I realized the music I use to listen to is now called Classic Rock! How did that happen?

donejustwrite said...

Oh, Dawn, that was wonderful!  I enjoyed every word of it.  I have fond memories, too, but not such detail.  You've inspired me to dig thru my memory banks and come up with something interesting to write about too!  Thanks!!!  :)